July 9, 2010

* Plastering complete, work continues

The final skim coat was applied to the jardin walls yesterday.  It looks wonderful.  Now to decide on a colour for painting.  Hmmmmm.  When the last corner was complete, I found my trusty stylus and wrote the date of July 2010 in the cement.  Then I asked each of the men who plastered the wall, to sign their name.  It was fun.  They were completely blown away and very proud.

The drains, three of them are now being dug into the ground.  Pipe is being inserted and will attach to the large pipe we installed on the other side of the wall to take excess water directly to the sewer.  It will also be very handy, because at some point I am dreaming of an outdoor claw foot tub.  The drains will allow that to happen very easily.  Have to save my pesos for that one.
Now, before you jump to conclusions, I was attempting to get a shot of how deep the drain was and how they were building it with the bricks.  The eye candy part is strictly accidental ... or is it?

"The dialogue between architect and client is about as intimate as any conversation you can have, because when you are talking about building your house, you are talking about building your dreams."  ~ Robert A. M. Stern

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