July 29, 2010

* Poco a Poco

The inside of Quinta de Luz is coming together little by little.  Furniture is beginning to enter my space.  I was driven.  Out every day searching, hunting, gathering what I could.  Following every lead, every antique shop, every consignment store, every junque shop, fabric shop, gallery sale, and garage sale.  I suddenly realized I was exhausted.  DUH!  But oh ... I was so excited.  How I love to decorate.  How I adore visualizing a look in my head.  It's a challenge to see if I can get it together in real life.  Not having tons of money does make a difference.  If my resources were unlimited, I would be ordering from the Althorp Collection.  What I have to work with is fun though.  The hunting and gathering - never knowing when or where you might find something which may work, is, I must say more than half the fun.  The thrill of the hunt and all that.  I've decided to give myself a break now and just 'chill' for a bit.  It will eventually all be as I wish and then what?  I will need a new project .. lol.  I will share a little of what I have purchased.  It's not all together yet, so bear with me.

Remember the 5 chairs I got for $60.00?  They looked pretty sad.  Well, that stage of their lives is over.  New paint and they are feeling quite elegant.  Now they need their seats upholstered.  One of the textiles I purchased is going to be perfect.
Two of my new chairs arrived.  Actually 4 of them arrived, two had the incorrect upholstery.  They had to return to their original home.  Don't have a clue when I might meet the correct ones.  In the meantime, I have an armchair to enjoy, Habibi has his own.  He's taken possession already.  I now have a bookcase which you can see in the background.  One of the textiles has become a table cover under the lamp.  The french looking part of a desk which you can see sits under the window and looks very pretty.  More to come on another post.

The jardin is coming along nicely.  I will take more photos today and post in the near future.  In the meantime, I'm going out to catch some rays and bring in the washing.

"What we can do and want to do is projected in our imagination, quite outside ourselves, and into the future. We are attracted to what is already ours in secret. Thus passionate anticipation transforms what is indeed possible into dreamt-for reality.  ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 - 1832)

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