July 5, 2010

* Rain today

It absolutely poured for about 15 minutes today.  Tried to catch it on a photo for you, Dear Grumpy Marshall.  Hard to do Grumpy.  Difficult to catch the feel of the downpour.  I did my best.

Two of my men huddled under the tree.  That really didn't capture the essence though.

 Perhaps somewhat better.  The water looks like the beginning of a fish boil to me.

 Attempted to catch it on the terrace.  Doesn't do it justice.  I think you can see the size of the rain drops in this photo.  Huge.

Went grocery shopping today.  Bought a package of chicken backs for $0.50 and made chicken soup.  Yum.  Getting a little tool kit together.  Hammer, nails, screw drivers, measuring tape, pliers etc.  Today I hung my new angel.  I think she is very beautiful.  She's sitting above the double doors now, looking down at me, playing beautiful music.  Very comforting.

One more thing before I sign off for today.  Habibi escaped through the barriers today.  He made it down to the very wet jardin.  Cement, sand, tempate, dirt -- you name it -- he stepped in it.  When I found him, he was happily laying down on his belly chewing on a muffin wrapper which he no doubt found very tasty.  The floor now looks like this.

I surrender.

 Look at that face!  What other choice do I have?

The guardian angels of life fly so high as to be beyond our sight, but they are always looking down upon us.  ~Jean Paul Richter

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