July 9, 2010

* Soul Food

I was invited to a art show, cocktails and reception last evening.  Sylvia came with me.  We had a great evening.  It was held at the Instituto, which now houses education for the arts, arts and crafts fairs, etc.  I had never been in the building when it was more or less 'empty'.  It had been at one time, the Canal family's summer home. Built in the 1700's it is sprawling and grand.  My kind of place.  Together with the grounds and orchards they once owned, it must have been incredible.  When I'm in a building such as this, I tend to wander back to those times, hearing the sounds of children playing, music, the murmers of indistinct voices drifting from rooms just out of ears reach, horses perhaps coming and going, adults and friends perhaps having tea or a drink in the courtyard.  It's hard to control my imagination in such places.  I took a photo of the main courtyard for you.

Main courtyard, Canal summer retreat.

View from one of the terraces.  

The show itself revolved around a new book entitled "Art in San Miguel - Vol. 11".  San Miguel began to attract artists years ago and continues to do so.  Talent oozes everywhere here.  The art show itself was incredible.  I did however fall in love with two of the artists and would give my eye teeth to have a piece of their work.

DaNisha.  A colaboration between Dan and Nisha, husband and wife.   Originally from Toronto, they are now internationally known for their magnificent sculpture and whimsical style.  I only have one photograph to show you.  Wish I had more.  

"Cheetah Trio" is bronze and ceramic.  The ceramic bowl is removable for serving purposes.

My next love was Karen Wight.  Her knowledge of anatomy is outstanding.  She actually tweeked her anatomy skills as she taught specialied dissection of cadavers at Pepperdine Uniersity in Malibu.  

Mind blowing sculpture.  One of her favorite sculptors is Aguste Rodin.  You can see the influence.

This piece of jewelery is fascinating.  Tiny moving hands form a flower.  Extraordinary!

Gary and Annemarie Slipper.  Also Canadians who fell in love with Mexico.  They paint as well, however, it was their sculptures which fascinated me.  Again, I only have one photo.

And then there is Hope Swan.  I have met Hope, enjoyed her company, seen her amazing house and fallen in love with her art.  Unfortunately, she and her work were absent from the show.  Back in North Carolina with her husband for a time, I know she longed to be here.  We have something in common.  We are both attracted by old, rusty, holy, and iconic symbology.  I love her work and missed it greatly at the show.  I have taken a photo from the book to show you.

Hope's work and some of mine is very similar.  Scary! 
I want to show you a piece of Ezshwan's work.  She is the woman who teaches encaustics and I will be studying with for four days in July.  A birthday gift to myself.  I think her work is very well done.  It does not, however, make my heart race.  I am looking forward to learning from her.  I think her technique is impeccable.

It was one of those evenings of magic.  Imaginations run wild, a beautiful old summer home, awe inspiring art, margaritas at the piano bar, a wander down the street in the soft night air for some tortilla soup, and then home to my de Luz.  Habibi is delighted to see me.  Life is good.

"Art is like therapy, what comes up is what comes up.  It may be dark, but that's what comes up.  You may want to keep some of it in a drawer .... but never judge it."  Nick Bantock

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