July 17, 2010

* Trip to Delores and an Update

Spent a lovely evening last with Miss Sylvia at a small dinner party.  Sylvia and I cooked dinner together.  We do enjoy being in the kitchen and whipping a little something up.  Sylvia cooked a beautiful creamy rice and vegetables, and mango salad.  I cannot tell you how delicious mango salads are.  Tasty treats!  I cooked a shrimp stir fry of sorts with lots of onion and garlic, throw in fresh carrots, squash, pablano peppers, raisins, and roasted peanuts.  Add curry powder, hot pepper power, this and that ... and voila - a great din din.  Serve with cold rose for a light summer wine and enjoy.  To top the evening off, Sylvia made a mango pudding!  I hated to eat it because it was served so beautifully, right down to the flower on top.  It was delicious.  Must get the recipe.

Just a taste, perhaps?

The fountain took another leap forward today.

Bricks are laid to the other side of the yard.  Not finished cementing them in yet.

Here's the table lamp I purchased in Delores the other day.  I love it.  I'm hoping it will look good with the chairs when they arrive.

 I have not planted anything in this as yet.  It will go on the uncovered terrace.

This photo is especially for Carolyn.  It's the 'happy' rooster you could see a peek of in my fireplace.  I have moved him outside to the covered terrace.  He is very happy.

My new 'spice' jars.  They match, yet not of them are the same.  I love it!

Shades for the chandelier.  Makes a world of difference.

I've been searching for chairs which I could afford.  I found these.  They were $60.00 for five.  I will have to paint them and cover the seats.  I can do both of those things.  I only really need three - so I may do them all up and sell two of them.

I purchased some paint today to try for the courtyard walls.  We will see if it is what I want.  Also purchased some paint for the chairs.  I will be experimenting after the Jardin is complete.  It is simply too dusty at the moment.  Had fun outside today potting some plants.  I now have a jade transplanted, a spider plant which does very well here, a couple of cactus which is inherited with the property.  Had dirt delivered yesterday, so perhaps in the next couple of days I will transplant the bamboo Sylvia gave me.  It will make a nice hardy border for the roof.

Did I tell you I have purchased most of the furniture for the inside of the house?  I won't be taking photos until it looks half decent.  Wait for it.  I'm excited.  I've been power shopping looking everywhere at everything.  It is coming together, however it will take a little while to get it all here.  This is actually a blessing, since there is still so much dust from construction in the Jardin.  I'm impatient though -- it's called excitement.  

"I am learning that the richness of life is found in adventure ... It develops self-reliance and independence.  Life then teems with excitement.  There is stagnation only in security"  ~ William Orville Douglas

I am learning this slowly and surely.  Security is such an illusion.

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