July 10, 2010

* You are going places, Baby!"

OK, all you bloggers who I definitely think are "Going Places" - please come and pick up your award.

Annie from 'down unda'.  A wonderful blog about 52 Projects and Creating Peaceful Thoughts.  If that were not enough, Annie has begin a new blog about bush walking in Australia.  Join her AT THIS EXCITING SITE.

Philly is, as she puts it "Under construction".  (Aren't we all!)  Finding her way, making her best life, learning to know and love herself.  Moving forward along the path of spirit.  I love Philly's writing.  We can all relate.  It is so 'real'.  Join Philly HERE.

Join Carolyn at PLAYING IN THE SANDBOX Carolyn is a creator.  Her cards and altered art are so much fun.  Carolyn true love is art with an Asian touch and it shows.  As I've told you before, Carolyn and I met on the web in 2001, when I went back to my birthplace to care for my parents.  We have kept in touch ever since.  I enjoy her company so very much even though we have never met in person.

Carolyn's other blog which really excites me is DIGITAL EXPERIMENTS WITH CAROLYN.   This fairly recent blog, venturing into digital art blogging has been in the development stages for some time as she experimented with photo shop.  Looks like a lot of fun to me, and Carolyn is very good.

Carol, a friend on Vancouver Island has created Context for Connectivity.  Pop over for coffee with CAROL.   As many of us are, Carol is on the path of personal growth and spirit.  He insights are thought provoking and her writing superb.

My great niece, Megan, is a new mom.  It didn't take long until she realized who was 'really the boss'.  Megan's comical blog about her new adventure is entitled MASTER AND SLAVEIt's worth a read for the chuckle.  Megan is also building a company of the most beautiful baby blankets and accessories.  So far the collection includes very stylish baby wipe holders (bling) and two styles of blankets which are indeed on the leading edge for stylish babies.  You can find them by visiting face book and typing SOPHIE MADISON into the search line at top of page.  Sorry, I don't know how to make a link to a facebook page?  Anyone else know how?  Please let me know.  

Young women today are so gutsy!  They are allowed to be.  They are encouraged to be.   I wish I had known how.  It simply didn't seem to happen in my day or in my circle.  It's great it's is taking place NOW!  I'm proud of you Megan.

Everyone here whom I have mentioned is "Going Places".  You have made your lives full, rich and always interesting.  It is my belief you are all AWESOME WOMEN.

"If we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we are not really living. Growth demands a temporary surrender of security."
— Gail Sheehy, American journalist 

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