August 22, 2010

* Beautiful Quiet Day ...

I am so enjoying this day.  A day of respite from the noises of construction.  Already noon, I am not dressed, just finished my second cup of coffee, have written some dear friends in Australia, and now may actually depart my bed and embark upon my day.

Great art class yesterday.  As you know, I've been doing intuitive painting.  A couple making love has appeared upon my canvas.  I'm a little hesitant to post it.  It would be "view at your own risk".  What's your opinion please?  Do you want to see it?  Let me know and I will decide what to do.

Last evening Wendy came over for dinner.  She's lovely.  In her bag she carried a home made lemon meringue pie, and a bottle of wine.  I cooked the main meal - a sweet (fruit) curry over rice and vegetables.  Delicious food, delicious company.  After crawling away from the table, we watched a couple of old Carol Burnett shows!  Honestly, you can still laugh at those.  What a team.  They 'had it goin on'.

Lupe came on Friday with the last of my curtains and a couple of cushions for the chairs.  It's beginning to come together in here.  I had the cushions made out of the scraps left over from the old quilt after I upholstered the chair seats.  She even put zippers in them.  They are gorgeous!

I was able to get another piece of remnant to match the under counter curtains in my kitchen.  Lupe is making me a table cloth and six napkins.  I think it will pull the kitchen together and look nice with my colourful dishes.  I may have mentioned, I also found a couple of pieces for toss cushions for the chairs - so she's busy with that.  I'm introducing a soft blue/turquoise into this room.  It was getting very monochromatic which just isn't doing it for me.  The old hacienda doors and one of the pieces of wood over the window has turquoise in it.  I've gone with a soft version of that.  We will see where it leads.

 The last of the curtains have been hung.
The little back support cushions Lupe whipped up for me are lovely and make the chair very comfortable.

Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.   ~ Peter Drucker

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