August 23, 2010

* "Caught between the Moon and New York City" (A view at your own risk publication)

Only the beginning.  Don't know where this is going to lead.  I want to soften the pallet without loosing the fire and passion of the strong colour.  I quite like their bodies.  They will also soften in colour, however the shapes are OK.  Need hair, of course.  I'll keep you in touch with the progress on this one.  I'm as curious as you are.

Why can't we all just acknowledge that "nature" – that is, "sex" or "erotic" images, which are really just "attracters" are everywhere. Of course a flower looks like what it looks like – that's what it is – to a bee. ~ Sara Genn 


  1. Lady D, I assume there's a pic? I can't see a pic.

  2. Yes, there is a first draft of my painting. Don't know why you can't see it. ???

  3. Okay, I see it...I don't know if you need to soften the pallet per se; it's a strong piece of art regardless. Can't wait to see final piece.