August 13, 2010

* Finished my chairs ...

A horrible photograph to follow - but you will get the idea.  I simply can't drag all the chairs around to get a good photo this morning.  I'm not even supposed to be walking.  (SHHHHhhhh)  I'll be in trouble with Wendy.  She has most kindly made the trek to centro to pick up supplies, bandages, heating pad if she can fine one, caster oil, if she can find any, and the proverbial cane.  Wendy is also cooking din din.  How lovely ... and ... I think bringing company.  What more can I ask.  She's a doll.

Before I post the photograph of the upholstery job, I've gotta say it brought up a lot of old stuff about perfection.  I had a knot in my gut.  Could I actually cut into this material?  Should I measure?  Should I make sure it's straight?  Should I plot and plan so I have exactly the scene I envisage on each chair seat?  The knot got larger.  I noticed I was holding my breath.  Not all that long ago, in earth time, this would have stopped me in my tracks.  If it was not going to be absolutely perfect, according to my definition, it would not 'be'.  So many exciting things never came into fruition because of the part of me I acknowledge as "Miss Perfect".

She didn't stop me this time.  I took some very deep breaths, asked the Universe for help, centered and grounded myself, took the scissors in my hands and made the first cut.  I did have the seat laid on top of the material.  That's all though.  No measuring tape, no chalk to mark cutting lines, no cutting it out then hemming it before stapling it on .... none of that.  Cut around the shape, pull tight over the seat, turn the edged under and pop the staple gun.  It's been very successful.  I adore the chairs.  They are just right.  All happy accidents and just perfect.  I had so much fun.  I have enough fabric left over for some cushions.

  Nothing under the sun is accidental, least of all that of which the intention is so clearly evident.
       ~  Ephraim Gotthold Lessing

Well, I certainly had intention, so perhaps they were not accidents.


  1. Good morning, Donna. Hope your leg is feeling much better today. So sorry to hear of this mishap. It was a sad day for us Thursday when our oldest Golden would not get up. We had to put her down yesterday and it was so difficult. She will be buried in Sumpter, Oregon, a place she loved and where she played with her playmates until her feet were sore. Our friends live there and have a pet cemetery as they are lovers of animals too.

    Your chairs turned out perfectly and I like the second set of chairs that you purchased for your casa. Your studio is moving along rapidly and I'm so happy you made this decision. Now take care of that leg so you don't have problems climbing stairs. Do you need one of those elastic knee supports? I could send one to you. Just let me know.


  2. Oh Carolyn! I am so sorry. You must take time and grieve and be gentle with yourself. They become such a huge integral part of our life. You will all be very lonesome for awhile. lots of love to you. xx