August 30, 2010

* Friends and the Country Side

Met with Pat and Marijo to see the progress on Marijo's house.  WOW, it is speeding right along and will be ready in October.  After completion M has decided to take her time moving in, getting things just right - so probably a January posession.

The setting is so pristine.  Looking out over the pressa and beautiful surrounding hills.  Peace and tranquility.  More houses are going up in the development now.  It's going to be a nice community.

It was about 12:30 when we finished viewing the house.  We all came back here and spent the day on the outdoor terrace chatting, laughing, drinking champagne mixed with hibiscus tea (we are on to something here), eating fresh guacamole, and later in the day having a comida of home made chicken soup, cheese, and fresh boleos.  Good company, good food, a day in the country.  Life spills over.

The plan inside the house is simple, functional and quite exquisite.  I will photograph more as the inside progresses.

Today, I plan to have a very quiet day.  Today, I plan to stay off my leg.  Today, I plan to keep heat on my knee and keep it elevated.  Today, I plan to do something quietly creative.  Just haven't figured out what yet ....

"When a woman has finished building her house, she suddenly realizes that in the process she has learned something that she really needed to know in the worst way - before she began. "


  1. Hi Donna,
    This looks like a lovely, peaceful setting for a house. I just love how you have made so many friends so quickly! Also love how you are getting back into your art and creating regularly - such an important element in a meaningful life, don't you think??
    We have been watching a lot of Home & Garden TV lately. On House Hunters International they had a woman (happened to be an artist!) who was moving from Northern CA to Merida and ended up choosing a ruined house that had not been lived in in 80 years to renovate. Totally reminded me of you!!

  2. I've been to Merida, Patty! You would freak out. It was once the Paris of the Yucatan. One of the richest cities in the world because of the jute. Mansions abound and can still be bought and renovated for very little, comparatively speaking. The heat there is incredible though - high humidity as well and on the hurricane path, so it does have it's drawbacks like everywhere. A very beautiful, elegant city though I must say. I did fall in love. Did the program show you how the house ended up - before and after? I do love HGTV. Very inspiring.

    I'm happier than I've been for a long time Patty, and I do believe it has a huge connection to my creativity being bumped up to where it should be. I think we both need that very much. Talk to you soon. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Yes, they did show the before and after. We were so surprised that she chose that one because she had originally said she wanted "move in ready". Go figure. I think she just became very intrigued by the history - and the fact that she could get quality work done fairly quickly and inexpensively. You know a little about that! Anyway, the transformation was truly amazing!!

  4. Sounds like a good show. I think that's what happens down here - you get sucked into the lawyers of history and start seeing all the possibilities - then you are done for!