August 8, 2010

* The Joy of Gardening (View at your own risk)

 "The Joy of Gardening" began in a free expression painting retreat with Carolyn James on Hornby Island, one of Canada's beautiful gulf islands off the coast of Vancouver Island.  I remember clearly, Carolyn saying to me at one point, "What would your Wild Woman do?"  Well, now we know.  She would paint a bouquet of penis's".  Since coming to Mexico I have wanted to work on this piece.  I think it's a good chuckle, and I've enjoyed every moment.  She constantly makes me smile.  The piece is now sold and I will miss her.

Carolyn's "Free Expression" workshops are gifts for the spirit.  As a gifted teacher, and fine artist, Carolyn takes a spiritual approach to life in every aspect.  Four days with Carolyn, and you come away changed in ways you are at first not aware of.  I cracked open an old wound and wrote poetry for weeks.  It simply poured out of me unaided.  Meditation, painting to beautiful music in silence, writing, sharing with others and writing group poetry on a beautiful Island, or now in Victoria as well.  Bliss.  Pure and Simple.  When you have an opportunity, make it a priority for yourself if you are so inclined.  Visit Carolyn's Web Site HERE.

I've also entered some new pieces of art on my other site, Art Helps Me Breathe.  Have a look HERE.

A Little About Carolyn James ...
Studio: 5020 Sandpiper Rd.

Caroline James

Caroline came to rest on Hornby Island after a peripatetic existence of moving basic necessities and studio contents between housesitting arrangements around B.C. for five years. Her abstract narrative oil paintings are intensely lively, joyful and colorful, reflecting the humour, grace and gratitude she feels in her everyday living. Caroline obtained her M.F.A. from the University of Saskatchewan where she was nominated for the Governor General's Award and received the Graduate Thesis Award for Arts and Humanities. She is a prolific painter represented by seven galleries across Canada and the U.S. and also teaches highly acclaimed workshops in "Free Expression Painting" throughout B.C.
Galleries include: (see web site to get complete listing)
Waterworks Gallery, Friday Harbour, U.S.A
Darrell Bell Gallery, Saskatoon
Ken Segal Gallery, Winnipeg
Axis Contemporary Art - Calgary

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