August 5, 2010

* Just in case you have forgotten .....

I live in San Miguel de Allende.  It is a largish/small town.  Quinta de Luz is not my entire all consuming world, although it would seem to be just for the moment.  Other people live here.  I have to focus my energy 'where it's at" baby, just for the moment.  Other people seem to live in my house.  Moise and Treenie for instance.  Yesterday was the first time they were not here working for eons.  I actually missed them!  Tomorrow the iron man, Roul, is coming to install a new lock, put some proper screws in some hardware which has proper screws missing, and change out a torn screen.  I do however have a couple of photos from a recent day in Centro.  It's as beautiful as ever.

Back at my favorite restaurant for breakfast.  Somebody took my seat!  Been away tooooo long.

Beautiful coloured baskets.  Want something like this in a barrel shape with a lid.  Storage to put on top of my armoir - a splash of colour.  All spending has come to a halt until the dust settles (literally and figuratively) from the Studio.

The human race is still chewing bubble gum and blowing bubbles.  All is right with my world.

Back to Quinta de Luz.  The other morning, while the men were on the roof discussing the layout of the room they were about to embark upon, I was delighted to capture these photos.  I adore shadows.  As the sun was in just the correct position rising, these shadows were cast upon my courtyard walls.

And now for the 'sexy and sensual' seed pods which showed up on my bottle brush tree.  I thought they were absolutely exquisite.

These are my "Men at Work".  Left to right.  Senor Emilio, Mistro Jose, and Muchachos Jose and Cesar.  They will not allow me to take my garage out to the truck.  They do it for me.  I was concerned I would never learn.  However last week when I heard the bells ringing down the street, I did manage to grab the garbage bag and run it out to the truck.  Everyone was coming out of their homes with their trash.  I walked over to the truck, a senor on the ground took my bag and hoisted it up to a senor in the truck.  Interesting.  Back to my Muchachos.  They moved all my plants down to the jardin so they would be out of their traffic flow.  I looked out the other morning and Jose was watering them! 
I completed my piece of assemblage today.  These are the off cuts from the hacienda doors.  I called it "Saints and Sinners" (Tales of an Old Hacienda Door)  So much fun!

I have an art class on Saturday. When W returns from the 'country house with her lover' (oh how I love the sound of that), we will spend a day playing with our art and perhaps go out for a fish dinner.  The curtains are ready - must arrange delivery and get them up.  Marijo's house is underway.  Can't wait to spend some time and see it.  Perhaps next weekend.

Variety is the mother of enjoyment.
      - Benjamin Disraeli, 1st Earl of Beaconsfield

I had absolutely no idea Benjamin Disraeli was the lst Earl of Beaconsfield.  I must investigate.

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