August 15, 2010

* Mama Moon has been Birthed

Before I show you Mama Moon, somehow this morning, I very UNdeliberately deleted, never to return, all your beautiful comments on each and every post!  I thought I was in a 'spam' place - something new, so I pushed the delete button several times - and it's over --- I'm really ticked with myself.  We will have to begin again.

Put the finishing touches on Mama Moon this morning and she is hanging on the wall.  I have adjusted to her bright colours and we have again fallen in love.

  "I like to think that the moon is always there even when I'm not looking at her." ~ Albert Einstein


  1. She is lovely Donna. and she looks like she is very happy hanging right there! I'm sure she's heaving a sigh of relief to be out of the box. At last!!
    Love, Di

  2. Thanks Di! Didn't even have that much trouble punching a hole in the wall. Thanks ... glad you like her too. xx

  3. She puts a smile on your face which is what we all need from time to time.

  4. She has been so much fun to do. I will enjoy her company now. Thanks Carolyn.

  5. Oh, she looks so perfect there and will bring you lots of joy I'm sure! I hope you are on the mend!! Sorry to hear about your accidental deletions - I hate when that stuff happens. This morning I spent a lot of time getting my post ready and then realized I had written the whole thing on the wrong blog! Yikes - fortunately I had not yet hit the "publish" button and was able to cut and paste the words (but not the photos). Oh well, we learn as we go!!