August 24, 2010

* Mosaic stone has arrived .... I'm excited!

Daniel has delivered three bags of gorgeous stone for my mosaics.  That happened yesterday afternoon.  After the workers left, I was so excited, I went straight down to the jardin and began to play.  I have laid the pattern for the sun.  It's a healing spiral which goes of into the fire bursts around it.  Dark, medium and light stones help to give it some form and depth.  I was quite pleased when I finished.  I think I will live with and enjoy it for a very long time.  Now, all we have to figure out is how to lay the pattern in cement without getting it all mixed up.  The star is not so easy.  It is small and I never really like working small.  The first draft, which I will show you, I don't like.  So I will begin again today.  I began playing with La Luna, however all of a sudden I realized it was 8:00 pm and I was hungry.  Today, I will play some more.  I must say, even though I was very careful, It has reeked havoc with my knee.  Note to self:  Take it easy on your body today - it has to last a long time!

Let me know what you think of El Sol.  The spiral in the middle is an ancient healing symbol.  I like that.  It's sacred and spiritual, and helps to remind me why I am in earth school. 

Before I began to play.  I had every good intention of sitting on the stool to protect my knee.  Somehow it just didn't work.  Today I am paying the price.

After.  What do you think?  Any suggestions?

Estrella on the other hand seems completely dead.  She does not move me in any way.  Back to the drawing board on this one.  More as this evolves.

"There are very few human beings who receive the truth, complete and staggering, by instant illumination.  Most of us require it fragment by fragment, on a small scale, by successive developments, cellularly like a beautiful mosaic."  Anais Nin


  1. Wow - I LOVE them!! Funny, I just had lunch today with a friend who is doing a lot of mosaics in her backyard. It's something I have never thought about before (and, really, I have enough to do!) but it does sound intriguing and to run into it twice in one day.... well, you never know, do you??
    Anyway, absolutely love the sun - maybe similar, smaller stones in the star? Although I think those sort of irregular, "flowing" rays are what give give the sun its special grace. Speaking of la luna, I just did a little post on the full luna, which is tonight!
    Take it easy with that knee!

  2. Love the sun mosaic! Can't offer any advice for the star unless you use smaller stones. The ones in place seem to overpower the shape. I know you will come up with the perfect solution.

    As for knees I'm going to be painting not art, the baseboards need some touch up and I've been elected. I don't enjoy doing this type of painting.

    I thought I left a comment about your new painting but didn't see it. I love what you have done so far...can't wait to see more.

    AND, thanks for taking the time to visit my blogs.