August 7, 2010

* A Quick Post

"Donna .....  Donna."  I thought I heard my name.  The voice was soft and coming from outside.  "Donna" .... Yep ... that's me.  "Coming, I called back."  When I reached the terrace my men had the hose in the fountain, the water was splashing gently.  They wanted me to see and hear what the fountain would be like after the pump was installed.  Big smiles graced their faces as they waited for my reaction.  "Muy Bonito", I exclaimed with a huge grin on my face.  The sound is beautifully soft and soothing.  Water always seems to take stress from me, and I find myself taking a deep breath and 'letting it all go'.  I'm exicted.
Boys love to play with water.

My heart rock collection grows by leaps and bounds.  Proof of the abundance of the Universe.  Ask and you shall be given.

A little difficult to get the feel of this room on camera.  Habibi has just come up the stairs and into the Studio.  The view is facing over the street to the east.  The street will not be visible from the Studio.

To the right of the door as you come into the room, Habibi checks out the bathroom and walks out of space where the door will be.

To the left as you enter the Studio from the stairs will be a lovely large window.  This faces South.  The prevailing winds, at least at this time of year, seem to come from this direction.

Art class today.  Looking forward to that.  I have my kitchen turned into a 'messy studio' at the moment.  Hope today finds you all well, happy, and as a friend of mine says "Making yourselves a wonderful day."

"Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into."  ~ Wayne Dyer

I absolutely agree with this statement.  I'm learning poco a poco.

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