August 28, 2010

* Second day of advanced Encaustics

Second day at encaustics.  Nice as I could just go to my table and 'dive in' so to speak.  Everyone was very prolific today.  I was not.  I did one piece with Genesh.  I like it, however, the transfer I did is not dark enough for my liking - so I think I'll probably put the original piece of art back in.  Then I can hang it.  Also began a larger piece.  A Mexican Sunset.  No where to being complete, however I think it will be fun doing it.  The colours will go with my living room so hopefully it will be nice in de Luz.  Lots of photos, so I'll just post them.
First coat of wax on, scraping down my board.

Judith.  Dinner Party at her Casa Wednesday evening.  Looking forward to it.

 The lovely Jenny, also preparing her board.

Cate, in the zone with her transfer piece.

Judson (nice to have some male energy around), pondering the next step.

  Isabella was not in class with us, however she popped in just as we were finishing up to see all our work.  Also drove me home.  People are lovely!

One of Judsons' pieces.

I love this piece Judson created.  It's a collage piece.  I'll do a closeup below.

Transfer work by Judson.

Kates' stencil work.  All the black markings are transfers off photocopies.
Collage on a napkin for Cates' Mom.
A beautiful little collaged night sky by Cate.

Cate.  Such an elegant Lady.  Jenny Wren ... Cate was a model for Maggi T. in Australia.

Jennifer reworked her red piece.  Close up below.

Judith with two finished pieces.  One on the right, her grandchildren's heads bobbing around the canvas.  Cute.

Judiths "Work in Progress".  We will both be going back to the studio for a day to complete out pieces.

Mexican Sunset.  Work in progress.  I'll have fun finishing it!

 Ganesh transfer and encaustic.  Mine.  I think a 'work in progress'.  We will see.

After class chats.  Always great.

Another wonder day.  There was a gallery opening tonight at Belles Artes which I went to.  I'll show you a photo tomorrow.  After that bumped into a friend I hadn't seen for awhile and we had dinner and a great evening.  Then off to the sound and light show at the Parroquia.  Incredible.  More about all this tomorrow.

"Art comes to you proposing frankly to give nothing but the highest quality to your moments as they pass."
Walter Pater (1839 - 1894)

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