August 27, 2010

* Ssshhhhh. Artists at work

 A wonderful day in Ezshwans' studio.  Advanced class this time.  More hot wax, blow torches, hot pens, transfers, oil paints and sticks, new techniques and materials to experiment with.  All the people in class were the same except one.  Isabella chose to spend her class money on supplies for her studio.  Cate's husband, Judson joined us.

I am very pleased to say I am no longer "Ms. Flambe".  I literally passed the torch on to Judith who promptly started a first class fire at her table which required lots of commotion and water to put out.  I love it!  I missed the entire event with my camera due to being involved with throwing water on the flames while trying to keep it out of the pots of wax.  The fire was a 'traveler' and just when we thought we had it out we would discover flames coming from another area of the table.  Quite exciting really.

After class, everyone came over here, to Quinta de Luz, for bubbly and fresh guacamole.  Isabella from the last class joined us and we had a lovely time, lingering and laughing and enjoying each others company.

Tomorrow we will be back at it .... trying to keep the flames under control.  I didn't get photos of everyones' work today - but here's a few.  Mine is quite funny.  It began as a stamp on to cheese cloth of Our Lady of Guadalaupe.  When that didn't work, I attempted a transfer of some imagery from the 'Illuminated Rumi' book.  Lost that as well - so I ended up 'playing'.  I don't even know what this is, however I did experiment with some different techniques.  We all chalked the day up to Mercury being in retrograde!

If any of you have a clue what this could be - let me know!  too funny ....   Whatever it is, obviously "I will meet you there"!  ; o )

Just a little smoke left - it's out!

Fire?  What fire?  I'm busy here ... don't bug me.  Judson at work.

"Share your dreams with people who will help you make them happen."
David DeNotaris


  1. Hot torches, oil paints, hot pens...this is something I miss from my artsy days.

    I love the abstract, yet detailed nature of the first piece.
    I would say a horse and carriage, and the hands of time floating in the distance...? Like a Cinderella story or something like that.

  2. Funny you should say that - because a Cinderella feeling crossed my mind as well. What did you do in your artsy days, Salma?

  3. I did pastels and sketching and some sculpting. I loved it, but stopped after the kids came.