August 3, 2010

* To all the dogs we love ...

So many friends of mine have dogs.  Dogs are not for any particular purpose like they used to be.  They don't herd cattle, they don't round up sheep, kill rats, or carry brandy to rescue people.  Most of the dogs with us these days don't have to lift a paw to earn their keep.  They are pampered, and loved, and bathed, and fed.  They get more treats than we do.   They have toys, are taken for walks, swims, boat rides and car rides.  They have beds, seat belts, car seats and in general have become an integral part of the family.  They are our friends, our companions, our confidants!  Who does not talk to their dog.  After all, we know they are very good at keeping secrets!  In so many ways we have humanized them.  I certainly don't speak of Habibi's 'paws' -- they are his 'little feet'.  They have become our children.

Allow me to share with you, some of our 'loved ones'.

Sylvia has 2 dogs, both of which are rescue dogs from the streets of San Miguel.  Both of them are absolutely charming and lovable.
Paloma and Benji

Benji likes to sit in big pots!

My friends in Duncan have two King Charles Cavaliers.  No questions about their status in the family.

This is Habibi and Huxley.  Huxley belongs for another friend in Canada.  These two were best friends.

Another friend's dog from Canada.  Tippie-girl a sweetie.  We bonded.  She considers me 'her people'.   Habibi became part of the equation.  She is terribly jealous and will never accept Habibi for anything more than the interloper that he is!

 There is Muffin over at Patty's Nomadic Journal.  Do you think he looks like a well established part of the family?  ha ha

Actually, it was my cousin in Canada, whom we all know and love as "Grumpy Marshall" who got this blog going.  He begged me to post some photos of Sir Bailey, apparently some superior dog breed who has taken GM and wrapped him around his front foot.  Sir Bailey operates at a genius level.  Always dreaming of being an architect, he designed and had GM build a set of stairs to quite a high window so he could enjoy the view on the street.  The platform at the top is very generous and comfortable.  Sir Bailey seems quite happy with this 'stairway to heaven'.

Even if you are top dog Sir B, you still have to have a bath.  Here is a lovely photo of the process, which he loves because he is being taken care of by his servants.

  Naturally, after his bath, his people make sure he looks very handsome and has everything he could possibly want including his favorite toy.

Yes, Sir Bailey, pure genius!

Then there is Habibi and me.  What can we say.  We won't bore you with that today.

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."  ~Roger Caras

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