August 12, 2010

* Two bumps and a bum leg

I've had a bad knee for two weeks now.  SHHhhhhh!  I thought if I didn't tell anyone it would heal by itself and simply go away.  NOT!  It's gotten to the point - well let's just put it this way.  I am in agony.  No doubt about it.  Broke down and called Dr. Gorgeous today.  He came galloping over on his Spanish Steed with medicine bag in hand.  Apparently I have done some cartilage damage which is potentially serious and can become chronic.  I'm on some kind of drug (again), ordered off my feet completely for 3 days (HOW?), elastic bandage and icing (WHERE?), plus get a cane immediately and use it for the next three weeks at least.  In the mean time, he went to my bodega and came back with mop in hand, showing me how to walk with a stick!  Needless to say "we are not amused".  I have built a lot of stairs into this casa, and cannot imagine having a bad leg for long.

I did hobble up the stairs to see the studio tonight after all my men left and it was quiet.  Too quiet.  I was gawking at curly bits of wire on the floor, wondering what I could create with them, and BAM - walked straight into a wooden support holding the wall up.  OUCH! My teeth banged together with force.  "Pay attention, Donna!".  Gawking again at bits of wood I could build a fire with and check to make sure the chimney flu is working.  WHAM!  SHIT!  Broke two nails and bit my tongue.  Now have two goose eggs very close together.  Hobbled back down stairs.  Poured myself a glass of wine.

The foreman was here with samples of stones for the mosaics.  I have chosen the three in the photo below.  A light, medium and dark.  I really want to create these mosaics myself, however, not sure how i can maintain a sitting position on the ground for long.  I'll have to experiment.

Stones for La Luna, El Sol and Una Estrellia

The power of love to change bodies is legendary, built into folklore, common sense, and everyday experience.  Love moves the flesh, it pushes matter around.... Throughout history, "tender loving care" has uniformly been recognized as a valuable element in healing.  ~Larry Dossey

So ... All I need is a little TLC.

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