September 4, 2010

* The Gathering

My puter is up and running again!  At least for a moment.  The part that died has come back to life (it did that once before) ... so I am connected for the moment.  Hopefully, the new part will arrive before any more concerns raise their little heads.

The Encaustics group was invited out for dinner.  I think I mentioned that "Southern Hospitality", and it does not get better than this.  Our host and hostess are interesting, fun, warm and every so gracious.  Their home -- well let's just say I'm in love.  The company, truly serindipitious in that we are all artists and something is definitely going on with the dynamics of the group.  Obviously it was meant to be.  We enjoy each other's company and the evening was indeed grand.

The only 'ungrand' event which occurred was my camera.  Set on the wrong mode for the entire evening, the photos are less than even just OK.  I was so disappointed, as the ambiance of our surroundings, and the group of people together made for a very very special evening.  Photographs of us on the inside of the house were pretty hopeless.  Most of them are the 'outside ones'.

The house, gracious and creatively decorated, warm and welcoming, embraces you at every turn.  Once ensconsed, I simply wanted to sit somewhere and be embraced.

Part of the main living area looking out into the courtyard.

Walking across "The Bridge" (Upper level) from the main house to the casita.  Underneath the bridge are what I call 'the arches'.  A beautifully sheltered space with comfortable furniture to relax away from the elements.
Part of the main garden looking down from the bridge.
Looking the other way from the bridge, back to the main house.
Judith's studio.  Part of the Casita

I know this photo is blurred - but I couldn't resist putting it in.  The garden is just so lush.
The beautiful solarium in the garden where we gathered for dinner.

Outdoors by the fountain for drinks.

Underneath the arches for tapas and drinks.

An old stone wall exquisitely planted.  I fell in love.

All of us, except Judith our hostess who took the photograph.
Judith and Tiffy after dinner.

Life is really short and instead of being burdened by the heavy "shoulds" and "could have beens", perhaps it's really time to have the courage to make more mistakes, be sillier, and travel lighter for the rest of your life.

 I'm learning .... I'm learning.


  1. Wow, what a beautiful home! I bet you got lots of great ideas! :)

  2. Yes, Annie! The mind boggles with possibilities. Now, we just have to win the lottery!

  3. HOW the gardens and the beautiful tended trees and plants. What a joy to be invited to this lovely home to spend relaxing time with your encaustic friends.

    Happy your computer is working. I'll keep my fingers crossed.


  4. What an AMAZING place - so beautiful!! So glad you are onnecting with your group. And I have SO been there with going through an entire evening or event with my camera on the wrong setting. You'd think I would learn, but I still do it occasionally.