September 17, 2010

* A little bit more completed

The bedspread I ordered arrived.  Since I had added blue to the room, I had pretty much decided I would send it back and get a blue one.  I was surprised when I put it on the bed and liked it.  It works because the blue and the green are the same intensity.  So ... I'm keeping it.  One less hassle.  My little place is coming together.

Habibi says "Do I look good sitting on green, Mummy?"


  1. I like your new bedspread. It reflects a separation from the rest of the living area by being in a different color. Love the white "bear rug" too.

    Peaches...I canned about 19 quarts and 7 pints of jam. That should do us for the winter months.

    Today at stamp club we used ice resin to make pendants. Mine aren't finished and will wait until company leaves then I'll add them to my blog.

    Thanks for your kind comments on daughter's art.




  2. Thanks Carolyn. I thought the same thing - it gives the room a little separation. I can remember doing all that canning. It always felt good to have the shelves full for the winter. You will enjoy the 'fruits of your labour' ... literally.

    I'm so far behind in 'what's new out there' as far as art materials go. Ice resin is new to me. Can't wait to see your final product.

    Thanks for stopping by, Carolyn.