September 7, 2010

* A lovely day at a Gallery

Cate and Jud, as I may have mentioned have a joint exhibition on at the moment.  How exciting, don't you think?  All the way from 'down unda', coming to SMA, making their art here and having an exhibition together.  Sounds like a 9.5 to me.

I had not attended the exhibition.  A couple of days ago a few of us got together and went because Cate and Jud were going to be there.  Nothing like having the artists in attendance so you can learn. 

A fabulous day.  An interesting gallery exhibiting several artists, all very different, all delightful.  A group of like minded people.   I know I've said it before.  How good does it get?

One of Cates' pieces.  I simply could not get good shots in the light.  All her work is under glass and I could not get away from the glare.  Pity, because her work is incredible.  For those of you who have worked in encaustic, you can see how Cate could slide right into that medium almost seamlessly.  For whatever reason, encaustic artists here do not use an iron in their work.  Makes a huge difference in the outcome.  I think I like the 'purest' way better.

The following work is Juds.  He is a sculpter.  They are all bronzes poured at a foundry just outside San Miguel.

This is my favorite piece of Juds.  If I had $$ I would have it in my home.  I cannot tell you what the name of it is.  All I know is, he has caught the essence of his wife, Cate.  It's incredibly beautiful, elegant and soulful.  I want it.

Other art in the gallery which was yummy and interesting follows.

A nice photo of all of us embraced by Cate and Juds art.

"How many are silenced, because in order to get to their art they would have to scream and hurt other people." 

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