September 11, 2010

* The Moon and New York City ...

The crescent moon last night was magical.  I could have sat on the terrace forever and just soaked it up.

All afternoon yesterday I worked on "New York City" .... couldn't stop.  I love that feeling.  It's coming.  Still work to do, however yesterday I had fun finding their faces.  They are still evolving.

"Only when she no longer knows what she is doing does the painter do good things."  ~ Edgar Degas

Sooooo true.


  1. How funny - I have that exact same picture!! Didn't take time to set up my tripod, though, so some of them have a "double moon!"

  2. Oh, yes, I have been using my little "open-air" studio some, but I want to get out there more often. I love it! Had some friends over last night and gave them the tour.

  3. I told you m'dear ... somewhere, somehow ... we are on the same wave length. Awesome. Show me your pics. Did you have a lens on? Glad you are enjoying your studio. Hard to get there sometimes in the rush of life.