September 16, 2010

* The Roof is ON!

By the Light has a roof.  It was poured and completed today  I was called up to view it about 4:00 pm.  My men wanted me to climb the narrow steep hand made gang plank they had used all day to carry up the five gallon buckets of cement.  I looked at my leg, waved my cane in the air, laughed, and declined.  In sign language and Spanish, they sent me down stairs to get my camera so they could go up to the roof and take pictures for me.   Here they are.

There is a roof there alright!

The view is more expansive.

They wanted photo's of us together.  First Cesar went up the gang plank and took this one.  This is Sr. Emilio, Jose, me and Maestro Jose.

This is Sr. Emilio, Cesar (I told Jose to be sure and get the huge diamond earring), me and maestro Jose.
Tomorrow my men have a holiday.  It is Mexico's By-Centennial Celebrations.  200 years since the first revolution, their fight to gain independence from Spain.  It all began right here in SMA with a secret meeting between Allende and Hidalgo.

For an interesting short history of the first revolution go HERE.

"The secret of happiness is freedom.  The secret of freedom is courage."


  1. hey Donna, been missing you on GiST but I keep peeking in to get caught up on the continuing progress on your lovely home! What a magical jardin you will have soon. xo

  2. Hi Donna. What a treat to return after being away for a few days and viewing the new developments. So happy you have a roof over your studio.

    Your sunset encaustic piece is stunning and will look terrific in your casa -- the colors you used are perfect.

    PLANTS....oh we all love beautiful plants and you did receive some wonderful additions for your own jardin. What a kind gesture. I believe you attract the best of the people in SMA and in turn I am sure they are delighted to have you as a friend.

    This week I have been canning peaches; tomorrow is stamp club and the weekend will be spent on cleaning the house in preparation for my girlfriend's visit who arrives on Wednesday.

    I will catch up when time permits. Take care of that leg.


  3. Hi Carol -- I just can't seem to get to GIST lately! A strange thing. I've been feeling crappy and I think that has a lot to do with it. Hope all is well with you. Thanks so much for dropping by!

  4. Thanks for the visit Carolyn. How many peaches did you end up with. I'll bet they are yummy. I know you are so looking forward to your friends visit. Have a great time. Did I tell you I looked at your daughters art! WOW ... such talent. xx