October 8, 2010

* Out and About ... playing around

Ventured out to Centro today.  Didn't feel like it.  Had to push and shove myself out the door.  Managed to do it.  You know when you've just been so sick, you are weak from lack of activity?  That's me.  I still have a cough, and in fact had a choking spell in a fabric shop today while attempting to purchase ribbon.  The Senor went to a drawer and handed me a Halls cough drop.  It seemed to save the day.

I had brunch at my favorite restaurant on the Jardin.  Felt good.  All the sexy policemen paraded by on their horses just for me.  Made my day.

The weather here is definitely changing.  Sooner than I would have expected.  Having not experienced an entire year here as yet, it's a constant surprise.  The mornings have been COLD.  I have wanted to turn on the fireplace, but have not done so.  By 11:00 AM or so, the heat has been turned up and everything is fine again.  After the sun goes down, which is currently about 7:30 pm,  there is a sudden chill in the air which prompts me to turn off the fans and close the windows.  Last evening I ordered a long cozy robe for the cooler evenings.  I do love to be comfortable.

Today, while sitting gazing out the restaurant on to the street, it occurred to me I have reached a 'certain age'.   It's the age when you look at young people on the street and wonder what their life will hold for them, for it stretches out far before them.  On the other hand, when people older than myself walk by, perhaps on a cane or walking with difficulty, my mind turns to my future, and I wonder what it holds for me.  The mystery of life.

Searched for good black tea today.  Tea here is herbal and medicinal.  Black tea, and 'good' black tea rarely exists.  I found three different kinds at Bonanza today.  Lipton, McCormick and something called Four O'clock which I paid the earth for.  I will see which is best.

Bought oranges today.  So fresh the leaves are still on them.  By the time I took these photos, the leaves were a little wilted, however, sitting in the box at the store, believe me, they are fresh off the tree.  I can't wait to plant my Valencia Orange tree in the back yard.  Here are some photos.  I was just playing around.  Which background do you like best?

"Don't be afraid to go out on a limb. It's where all the fruit is."   ~ Shirley MacLaine



  1. The weather here changed drastically right as the girls were going back to school, but it`s settling into Fall now. I guess change is in the air everywhere.

    I love these pictures, and believe it or not, I am eating an orange right now. I like the contrast if the pink background, and the picture underneath.

    Hey, I am getting old too, because I sit in cafes or on the train and think the same thing about young people. Maybe we are lucky to have made it to this point...

  2. I think you are young to be pondering other peoples lives .. at least compared to me. At your age, I didn't ever think about my own mortality! You have been through so much, I would say that makes a difference. Nothing life threatening happened to me until I was in mt late 50's. Take care of yourself and Rainbow, and the rest of the fam. Keep those hooks hidden .. ha ha.

  3. Donna, so sorry that you have been sick but glad you are on the mend! I definitely like the oranges on those gorgeous rocks (or bricks??)- perfect setting that complements the color and adds a rustic look.
    I feel I'm at the age that I'm often just invisible. Men (or women) don't turn to look and I'm not old enough to merit any special attentiveness to my needs. It takes some getting used to. I guess I could get away with something if I wanted to and no one would notice - ha ha!

  4. I know exactly what you mean about being invisible. It's so annoying! I'm not ready to 'not be seen and not be heard'. Our North American society is so oriented to youth. It has thrown the elders (ha ha) with all their wisdom and experience out with the trash. I can get on my soap box about this one. Perhaps I'll do a blog and lay down my thoughts on paper. What are we going to do about it, Patty! That's want I want ... some answers. You got some?????? : o )

  5. PS: Re backgrounds for the oranges. My two favorites are the brick/stone and the old rusted bird cage. That's what's so great about life, we are all so different. I love it.

  6. Donna, I could suggest that we all dress and act flamboyantly, but I'm afraid then we would just look silly, obnoxious and desperate! I think, better, we just need to stay together. Strength in numbers - with all of our wisdom and life experience, we are a force to be reckoned with - even if we are invisible!!