October 28, 2010

* Today

It was a little chilly (much frio - very cold).  I went to open the gates in my cotton lounger.  I greeted men dressed in parkas with scarves around their noses.  The new part of the house got a coat of primer today.  The studio is beginning to look like a real space. 

Poor Jose!  He really was freezing.
Both the young Muchachos bundled up painting the house.  Oh, btw, did I mention it was 70 degrees?  A cool wind though and they were standing in the shade.
Maestro Jose and Emilio in the Studio.  What a difference a coat of paint can make.
“Oh soul,
you worry too much.
You have seen your own strength.
You have seen your own beauty.
You have seen your golden wings.
Of anything less,
why do you worry?
You are in truth
the soul, of the soul, of the soul.”  ~ Rumi


  1. Hi Donna, a lot was accomplished while I was away and your studio is definitely taking on a more finished appearance. You select some of the most gorgeous tiles for the men to use, like the new ones around the fireplace. They are really beautiful.

    Your new painting is also coming along and the scene in the back definitely added depth. Can't wait to see what you do this next week.

    We had a fabulous time while daughter and granddaughter were here. Went wine tasting which was a blast! Drove up to McCall which is 90 miles north of Eagle in the mountains. Had lunch at the famous Shore Lodge in McCall. Laughed and ate and drank much more than we should have. We even took one afternoon to pour resin on top of images so my studio did get some action.

    Our dog, Peaches, really misses the girls because they took her for long walks every morning. It is rather quiet and I miss them terribly.

    Now...there is snow on the mountain tops and winter is near.

    Hope your knee does not act up with the cooler temperatures. Stay warm, enjoy each day and I'll be in touch.

    Carolyn S

  2. How great to have you back! I knew you would be having a ball with your D and GD! Sounds wonderful. Nice you were able to spend some creative time together.

    If you could see the choice of tiles her you would go mad. It's incredible. Makes it hard to choose. I am very happy, though, with the ones I have now.

    Can't wait to have my studio space. Excitement abounds! Hugs, D