October 16, 2010

* Today

I live in the present moment.  (I try, most of the time I succeed these days).  I awoke at 6:30.  The stars were still visible.  Roosters crowed before the crack of dawn.  Habibi stayed curled up beside me preferring not to move and risk the cold.  I took my arms from the warmth of the down comforter and stretched.  I snuggled back under.  Too cold.  Not moving, I thought.  I looked over at the flowers I bought at the market yesterday.  Detail was not visible in the still dusky dawn.  The smell of tuber roses lingered in the air.  I took a deep breath through my nose, appreciating, enjoying, wondering.  Flowers make my heart sing.  Their presence cheers me.  It calms me.  It settles me. They change the energy in a room.  I'm not so near to a source of flowers as I was in Centro.  I used to have a bouquet every week.  I must see what I can do about that.  I miss them.

A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love.   ~ Max Muller


  1. Donna, I have never seen such perfect calla lilies as you receive in your bouquets. They are just gorgeous.

    When we lived in Ventura, about a mile down the hill from us, was a farmer who grew the bird of paradise flowers for sale. As for tuber roses, I would love to grow them but don't think they'd survive in Idaho.

    Flowers do make the days brighter and lift our spirits.

    Wonderful photos.


  2. I had to go back and look at your beautiful flower photos again tonight. They are absolutely stunning!

    GRACES...we all should take the time to write them down. I was so moved by Sue's. Thanks for sharing with us.

    My daughter/granddaughter arrive Wednesday evening so I may be quiet for a bit.



  3. I love going to the flower part of the market. It boggles the mind - all the beauty there together. I just picked what I wanted this time - didn't ask the price .. it was a treat. $8.50. They are still as beautiful as the day I got them. How much joy can $8.50 bring you? After I picked the calla lilies and the birds of paradise and the tuber roses, the lady asked me if I would like them wrapped. She included eucalyptus. If I had not asked for them wrapped with greens they would have been less. I consider them a real treat. My usual limit at the market is $4.00 for which I get a beautiful mixed bouquet. So much fun at the market.

    Do have fun with your daughter and grandaughter. What greater gift can you have for visitors. Enjoy every moment. Hugs, Donna

  4. Graces. Interesting subject. I joined a group named GIST. We try to write 5 graces per day. I'm not very good at getting there every day. It's a wonderful community of sensitive, intellegent, wonderful women who support each other. I do think writing it down helps me be aware of the little things in life which most people have forgotten about. They are still so important.

  5. Oh my, what beauty, they must smell lovely.

  6. The tuber roses are incredible. I was watching an old Mexican film the other night and I see the ladies used to dance with them in their hand. How lovely.