October 10, 2010


It's high time we all took ourselves a little less seriously and really .... and I mean really realized how perfectly divine we  are.  It's high time we accepted ourselves and all our little wifts and wafts and KNOW we are INCREDIBLY BRILLIANT just the way we are.  Come on ... we can do this. Most of us have been working on this concept for years. Myself included.  It's about LOVING WHO WE ARE.  I've decided to stop 'working' on it and simply 'accept'.  I am a child of the UNIVERSE ... how could I not be brilliant.  The Universe does not turn out junk.

When I ran across this video on my Facebook Page, courtesy of Bill Dilworth, I had to share with all of you.  Let's play it until we BELIEVE ..... again and again if necessary.  Play it until "I'm Brilliant" is pumping through each and every cell in your entire body and ringing in our ears.  Play it until the words and music won't get out of our heads.  Say it out loud in front of a mirror.  Go immediately to our front doors, and scream in into the streets with passion ... It's high time we began to acknowledge how beautiful and BRILLIANT we are.   How capable we are.  How very powerful we are.   DO IT.  HAVE FUN.  BE HAPPY.  (PS.  I'm going to mutter it to myself when I'm shopping. ... mutter mutter ..... I'M BRILLIANT.)

"When you finally realize how perfect everything is, (this includes YOU) you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky".  - Buddha Quote


  1. Love the concept - although not in my nature at all.... yes, I need practice. The video is not coming up, however....I'll try again later, maybe just a glitch.

  2. You are allowed to think it quietly to yourself too. More your style? As long as somehow we get it .... We are making headway. YOU are doing absolutely fantastic with all the new work you are doing! FABULOUS. YOU ARE BRILLIANT. xx