November 19, 2010

* 3:30 am ... Quinta de Luz

It's one of those sleepless nights.  Thought I might as well make a few notes on my blog and let you know what I've been up to.

The street front of the house is painted. The trim still has to be done, however, it was started today.  Are you ready???

I painted it orange just for you.  So when you come down the street, there will be no confusion as to where you are going!
First coat of trim.
Tiling the bathroom has begun.  I think I'm feeding Maestro Jose toooo much cake. 
I ended up hanging the mirror beside my bed. 
I've been busy looking for living accommodations for my friends who are spending a couple of months in SMA after Christmas.  It's been really interested to see what's out there.  Havin' fun doing that.

Yesterday, I purchased paint samples for the outside of the house and the jardin walls.  Just can't see the sense in painting it all and not liking the colour.  Today, when the trim is finished on the front of the house, perhaps Pedro (the painter) will do some samples for me so I can decide.

My art teacher has taken a holiday to Brazil.  I know, how dare she!  That's what I said to her.  It didn't help .. she went anyway.  Not sure what I'm going to work on while she's away.  I'm craving some assemblage or collage or mixed media or intuitive painting or art journaling ... it will come to me.  "Sunday Afternoon" is not complete.  I have had her head on and off so many times, she's suffering post traumatic stress.  I think I might need a break from it.  Sometimes when I go back to something it all becomes clear.  I think I've finally got her head the way I want it ...   The painting still needs a lot of work.  It's very challenging getting the look in your head, out onto your canvas without models.

Sunday Afternoon.  Oil on canvas.  Work in progrsss
 Habibi needs a bath yet again.  It seems a next to impossible job to keep him looking lovely at least while they are still building.  This week he has turned a light pink colour again because they have been sawing bricks for the terrace.  Saturday, if it's warm will be bath day.

Nothing more to report today.  I'm off for lunch with a friend.  Also another possible accommodation to view for my friends.

"The problem is never how to get new, innovative thoughts into your mind, but how to get old ones out.  Every mind is a building filed with archaic furniture.  Clean out a corner of your mind and creativity will fill it instantly." ~ Dee Hock


  1. I'm loving that orange colour!! There's far too much beige in our world!
    Love, Di

  2. Thank you Di! Beige ... looks there won't be any of that at this house..

  3. Me too! I never thought I'd like orange but the hue makes all the difference in the world along with the trim. IT'S BEAUTIFUL. Your new tiles are a hoot for the bano. Your studio will be fun, fun fun.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your American friends. I plan on ten for dinner so will be busy the next couple of days.


  4. Glad you like it, Carolyn. It's hard to picture until you actually see it.
    TEN for dinner ... you will be very busy. Enjoy having everyone around you and close to you. It will be a wonderful gathering.