November 14, 2010

Decorating "By the Light"

Colour!  Glorious, profound, exquisite, puzzling, illusive, magical COLOUR!

I have had the colour pallet from Sherwin Williams for a week now.  Playing, simply playing with colour.  It's so much fun and I find bright colours very inspiring.  When I decorate the living space in my home, bright is not usually my first choice.  I like peaceful pallets which I can sink into and relax.

By The Light is going to be a big step out of the box for me.  I can do ANYTHING I I can imagine ...  nothing is beyond my imagination ... something I have always dreamed of, but never had a space to experiment in.

Here's the pallet.  Drapes are lime green.  I already have the material.  Ceiling will be the lime green sample.  Two walls, the fireplace wall and the entrance wall from the house will be bright orange.  The two end walls will be the pink.  A shot of cobalt blue will exist here and there.  The tiles on the fireplace and in the bano are cobalt.  I will throw in small touches of purple and turquoise in cushions and other fabric pieces.  Wish me luck ... hope I love it.

I have also purchased furniture!  Yes, already.  Some folks in San Miguel are moving and needed to sell a couple of pieces.  For my art table I bought their antique rustic dining table with one drawer.  It's big and beautiful.  Probably six people can sit around it to create .... I'm thinking a Nicho Party to warm up the table.  Oil cloth is wonderful and colourful here.  I will find just the right piece and cover the entire table.  That way I can spill and drip all I want.

They also had a leather love seat which is coming over to By The Light.  The leather is well worn and absolutely gorgeous.  It's a light brown.  With wild cushions and a throw, sitting in front of the fireplace will be so comfortable!

Here's the story board I've begun for the colour palette.  Let me know what you think.  I'm so open to great ideas.  Thanks.

 "The entire world, as we experience it visually, comes to us through the mystic realm of colour."  ~ Hand Hofmann


  1. Your selection looks fantastic. I have never been brave enough to use bold colors on the walls; however, my brother's wife likes red and uses it on walls in their home.

    Your studio should be colorful and cheerful and with friends to add laughter and your creativity; it will be ideal.

    Wish I lived closer.


  2. I have never had a place where i really felt I could let loose with anything. As I say .. I like to live in softer colours ... however a studio is a completely different story. It will be fun to experiment. Wish you were closer too Carolyn. I know we would have great fun together! Hugs, D