November 29, 2010

* Garage Sale and Tea with a Friend

Sylvia is nuts about decorating and making a beautiful home.  So am I .... 'nuts' that is!  So we have a lovely common bond.  We talk about colours, paint, furniture, art, gardening, cooking, entertaining, building on, changing, what will look good where, what our latest 'hunts' are all about.  We keep our eyes open for each other when we are out and about.  We share ideas and dreams.

Yesterday, Sylvia spied a post on one of the local lists and sent me a red alert email (good stuff for sale).  Would I like to accompany her and come for tea after.  So this morning, off we went.  Sylvia was looking for a little hutch of some sort ... something 'just right' to fit in a certain spot.  I was looking for folk art, off the wall art, something different to decorate my studio walls.

The 'china cabinet' which was advertised turned out to be something more of a storage piece.  A lovely piece though, made by quiet a well known artist.  Beautiful tin punched doors.  Since it wasn't what Sylvia was needing, I considered it for a storage piece in By The Light.  I considered it for about two seconds and made an offer.  My offer was accepted.  I'll post photographs of furniture on another post.

We also found some lovely little pieces to decorate our walls.  A plate and mask for Sylvia.  Gorgeous beaded pieces for me.  We came away happy as little clams.

Not sure what this is!  Perhaps part of a ceremonial costume, it definitely acts as a loin cloth and ties around the waist like an apron.  Who knows for sure.  It's solid beading, all hand done.  I love it.  It will look great on the walls of By The Light.

An exquisite little purse, all hand beaded.  Also for the wall.  Perhaps it's the beginning of a beaded collection!

I couldn't resist this.  A vintage tin cup and saucer.  Obviously a childs toy, it will become part of a piece of art one day.  I'm putting it with my every growing 'stash'.  ha ha
No explanation needed here.  It will hang somewhere in the Studio.
So off we trotted with our treasures.  Back to Sylvia's where I was greeted by a beautifully laid formal tea table and a wonderful traditional afternoon tea.  We dined on Sylvia's made from scratch pumpkin roll  together with small pieces of chocolate and beautiful camomile tea prepared from the real dried flower. I do adore the ritual of 'afternoon tea'.  We talked of happy things.  I felt very special.

"Come, my friend, let's have some tea and continue to talk of happy things."  ~ Chaim Potok

PS:  A special hello to Al and Doris.  It was so lovely speaking with you yesterday.  Take care of each other.  Sending L O V E!


  1. what a perfect day - so glad you are out and about and finding such treasures (people and things!). We haven't caught up for a long while - my latest blog will give you some idea of where my head is at - my heart is strong and feels very connected to my GiST girls - including you, mi amiga! xo

  2. I'm so jealous of all of your "finds"! My little studio is pretty low budget. Honestly, I haven't thought much about the interior yet, although I do want to include some little pieces from all of my artist friends. It's lovely that you and Sylvia have found each other and have so much in common!

  3. Hi Carol! So much going on in your life ... so much great stuff! Congratulations again. Thanks so much for popping over here. Always a pleasure when your comments grace my pages. Here's to GREAT BEGINNINGS!

  4. Hi Patty ... low budget has nothing to do with creativity. I know you will make your new studio a great place to create. I'm having so much fun looking for 'different' things to enhance and inspire my studio ambiance. Yes, Sylvia is such a gift to me. Thanks for stopping by.