November 8, 2010

* More Pozos

Pozos is at a much higher altitude than San Miguel.  I'm adjusting to the altitude here.  Yesterday, however, walking up hill caused some puffing!  It was interesting, the middle of the streets were paved.  That's where the cars drive ... walking can still be challenging.  I'm sure some of the cobblestones are original, so it's walker beware where you step.

As I mentioned yesterday, Jenny and I were looking forward to shopping, however, by the time we dragged ourselves away from the shops in the jardin ... everything was closed.  On our little tour, we came across a very very tiny tienda still open.  When we peaked in the door we spied some beautiful hand made clay pots from Michoacan.  This type of pot has been part of this culture forever.  Straight from the earth.  We both drooled and bought one ... actually I bought two.  One for flowers, and one for the coffee table to put 'whatever' in.  Photos follow.

The gallery itself is a wonderful space.  An old colonial building put back together it is well loved by the two men who own it, one of which appears in this photo.  He is the gardener, and everywhere you look you see his work.  Wonderfully artful groupings of plants so pleasing to the eye.  I want to bring him home with me for a week to help me create the jardin.

An artful vignette.
... and another
Loved this one!
Outside the gallery is the 'lower jardin'.  Shops are wrapped around this area.  People can sit and enjoy a drink or coffee from a local restaurant.  A lovely, open, inviting atmosphere exists and I could happily loiter there enjoying the ambiance with my journal in hand.

I want to plant some of these tall cacti in my jardin.  Are the not regal?
These gorgeous table and chairs call to me.  I have to keep going today, but I will be back.
Beautiful light through the trees.

Purchasing our beautiful pots.
Hats and old pictures hanging on the wall in the small tienda where we had he most delicious chotolate calliente!

The Beatles (old poster in espanol, James Dean, Elizabeth and Rock, Marilyn (just out of sight).  All there ... fabulous.

So that was my day in Pozos.  Only a glimpse into all that history.  Definitely want to go back and explore the architecture, ruins, mines, houses, etc.  My day was full and rich.  A day with a wonderful young family.  Made me very home sick for my girls.  A day full of art and friends.  A day full of strolling and soaking it all in.  One of those days which makes me feel complete.

We need history, not to tell us what happened or to explain the past, but to make the past alive so that it can explain us and make a future possible.
Alan Bloom


  1. Wow - I enjoyed that little tour! I think it is so wonderful to live in a place where you can take endless daytrips to interesting places. This is one of my major reasons for thinking about moving but I'm not sure we will ever do it. We have it pretty good here, but we have seen everything there is to see within easy driving distance on more than one occasion....

    It seems your knee (or was it both??) must be doing better?? Anyway, fascinating pics - fascinating place!!

    Oh, as always, thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog. Your encouragement means more than you know 8+)

  2. Looks like a wonderful place.
    I love the table and chair set.
    How are you doing Lady D?

  3. Glad you enjoyed the trip. Yes, I can do lots of day trips from here ... can't wait til the house is done and I can do more. Knee? A whole other story! I'll talk about it on the blog one day. I've been 'avoiding'. Thanks for dropping by, Patty ... love it when you come over.

  4. Hi Salma. Thanks for taking the time to drop by. You must be so busy and tired with the new baby home. He is so gorgeous! I am doing well, having fun ... thanks for asking. I have a 'knee' story which I will talk about one of these days. Just haven't been able to get it down in writing yet. Enjoy this very special time in your life. xx