November 26, 2010

Old Friends look forward to Reunion in San Miguel

In order to understand what exactly is going on here, you may wish to refer to two previous posts ...HERE and HERE.

My dear friends, I and K, are returning to San Miguel for a two month stay in February.  The REALLY BIG NEWS, is they are bringing their foster son 44.

Naturally, I am overjoyed.  I was a little hesitant to let 3/8's know so far in advance as she has a very sensitive side, which can be ... well ... shall we say, a tad difficult to deal with.  I mean, there is crying and then there is CRYING.  Sometimes I simply don't know how to help her shut off the flood gates once they have been opened.

I've been communicating with I and K for some time now, assisting them in finding suitable lodging etc., and 3/8's being the intuitive little thing she is, has known something is going on. Every time I was on the computer discussing the situation, her little head would pop up from between the pillows. It was impossible, I realized, to protect her forever.

Nope ... can't keep much from 3/8's.  She definitely has that 'inner knowing.
Then one day, I had an e-mail from 44.  He was definitely coming to San Miguel with I and K.  Such excitement.  He shared with me the awesome truth that he was the first sheep in his family to travel to Mexico.  He enclosed a photo of himself cloaked in his favorite Michigan State T-Shirt (his foster father's alma mater) .... a very proud photo indeed.

44 in his Michigan State T Shirt
Somehow 3/8's just 'knew' when that e-mail came in.  She was so edgy, I finally explained that 44, I and K were coming to San Miguel.  WELL .... all I can say is ... at least it's over.  For the next while, 3/8's was totally inconsolable. She had missed them so much! She sobbed she was homesick. She missed her tribe.  She climbed down onto the sheep skin (enough to make her cry right there) and simply sobbed for the next six hours.  She did manage to tell me inbetween sobs, she thought 44 was very handsome in his t shirt and she couldn't wait to see them.  It was a long day, believe me.

Poor wee 3/8's sobbing on the sheepskin.
3/8's is back to normal now.  She's as excited as am I.  Close members of our tribe are coming to be with us, and it touches both our hearts deeply.  Excitement abounds.

And Habibi ... what does he think of all this?  He simply sits in his chair, taking it all in.  He's still cold from his last bath.  he he

Little does he know between baths, he has turned pink again from the brick dust.  He's bathing again tomorrow.  SHHHhhh!

You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence. - Psalms 16: 11.

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