December 17, 2010

* Dinner at Casa Serena

Another wonderful evening at Miss Sylvia's Casa Serena.  As you already know, Sylvia loves to cook and is very very good at it.  She also loves to entertain.  Does both with such great ease and grace.  Tonights meal was an Italian one.  Stuffed mushroom caps for starters.  Next an incredible warm Tuscan salad, then hearty beef barley soup with red wine, served with heavy bread and herb butter.  The dessert -- decadent!  Something with about three different kinds of cream in it, butter and a little gelatin.  Drizzle with chocolate and enjoy.  All in all, serve with wine, great company, and you have a wonderful evening full of great memories.

Sylvia also has a 'project' going at the house.  She is covering part of the third floor terrace.  It's going to be fabulous.  Right now, she's in the same boat I am ... 'under construction'

Soon to be wonderful covered terrace.  Get ready for a Terrace Warming!     

Dinner was most enjoyable, the company very charming and entertaining.  One gentleman from Montreal, Quebec, one from Louisiana, the other from Ohio.  All enjoying San Miguel for some months of the year while doing a little globe trotting in between.  A few months ago found all three of them in Paris at the same time which resulted in a memorable dinner party.  I love this town.  So many interesting people to meet and make friends with.

Getting ready for dinner
Most charming company

Three men and a lady.  Not a bad average!

"Find us men who are interesting enough to have dinner with and we will be happy"  ~ Lauren Bacall

Tonight we did just that.  It was a lovely evening.


  1. Wow - this looks like a fabulous evening!!! What an amazing hacienda... and the food... and some lovely gentlemen. WOW!!

  2. I agree with Patty, looks fab. I love the candles in the background.