December 3, 2010

* Marquita and Luminitsa

Strolling down the ancha a couple of days ago, a chill ran up my spine.  You know, the kind.  You don't really know what's going on - but get ready - something is!  I kept walking.  Fully aware of my surroundings, present in the moment.  I was hearing voices.   At first I tried to ignore it.  Obviously, I was hearing things.  But no ... there it was again ... my name.  Ever so softly, but totally audible.  "Donnita."  I slowed to a crawl.  My hearing became acute as I did nothing but listen. "Don n i t a ..."

Now, no one has called me Donnita since the days when we traveled to Mexico city on a regular basis.  We had a driver named Antonio whom I shall never forget. To him, I was always Donnita.  He took such good care of us.  We were invited to his daughter's wedding one year, and felt totally part of the family.  Hearing my 'Mexican name' brought back such lovely memories.

I stopped.  I 'tuned in'.  The voices ... yes, two different voices, were coming from the direction of the shop I was standing directly in front of.  I ventured in.  My eyes took a moment to adjust to the dim light from the bright sun of the street.  It was a nice shop.  My first glance around indicated there was everything Mexico had to offer.  I was amazed as I began to travel toward the sound of the voices.  This building had obviously been an old colonial home.  I passed through room after room, deeper and deeper away from the street, through the courtyard and into yet another part of the building.  The voices became louder and clearer.  They were gentle but firm voices.  Determination was imprinted in the sound waves.  I followed.  Past the pottery, ceramics, hand painted folk art, hand punched tin mirrors, cantera carvings, a room full of lanterns and chandeliers until I was finally 'there'.  There in front of a hand woven basket.  The sound of my name was definitely drifting gently out of the depths of the basket.

I peered in.  Simple rag dolls of all shapes and sizes tumbled over the sides.  What on earth .... I was intrigued and mystified.  I didn't question the magic.  Things like this seem to happen to me on a regular basis.  I moved a few dolls.  Primitively crafted with a tremendous amount of character.  Then I came to the voices.  There they were!  I picked them both up, looking them square in the eyes.

"Well, Senora Donnita, it's about time.  We've been waiting!", one of them piped up.

"Yesterday, we were nearly taken.", the other cried.  "Where have you been?  "Do you realize we would have been separated, and gone to the entirely wrong person?"

"I'm here now, you are safe."  I turned, walking back toward the dim light at the front of the building.  "You can explain when we get home."

"My name is Marquita.  It's a very Mexican name you know.  It means pearl.  Are you listening to me, Donnita?"

"Yes, of course I am.  Perhaps you two should button your lips until I get your paperwork in order to get you out of here."

"But, you should know my name too!  They just would not be quiet.  I was getting nervous.  "It's Luminitsa.   I'm pure gypsy."

"OK, OK, that's enough for now you two.  Settle down."

I set them on the counter and dug my purse out of my Lady of Guadalupe shopping bag.  Senor at the counter was looking at me oddly.   Like he had perhaps overheard, but didn't want to admit it.  I smiled.  He wrapped each one in brightly coloured tissue paper.  I placed them gently in my bolsa and walked into the bright Mexican sun.  I'm sure their story will unfold. 

Marquita and Luminitsa
"Friends are angels sent down to earth to make good days and help us find our way."


  1. Hi Donna, I had to catch up tonight on your latest posts. I've missed them so much.

    Our youngest son is here and leaves tomorrow. Our washing machine bit the dust; perhaps I need one of those public laundry tubs as photographed -- very interesting. Our son took my washing machine apart and it needs new bearings in the drum. In checking the cost to repair, it was pretty close to the cost of a new washer so guess what. I get a new washing machine for Christmas.

    I love your Marguita and Luminitsa and your post was so entertaining.

    I also enjoyed reading about past memories -- leather with your Papa.

    I'm afraid the Christmas holidays are coming too quickly. My craft area is stacked with unfinished projects and forget about cards as I have only made a couple.

    How's the studio coming along? Almost finished? That would make a wonderful Christmas present to self!

    Stay well Donna. Say hi to Sylvia; I feel like I know her after your stay with her.

    Have a fantastic week!

    big hugs,

  2. Hi Caroline. I've missed you, however I knew you were busy with Thanksgiving and company. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know you went to so much work for the dinner party! Our 'machines' always go at what seems such an inconvenient time ..... I hope Santa will bring you a little something extra.

    The studio is going very very slowly. I'm don't think it will be finished by Christmas which is very much what I had hoped for.

    Have fun getting ready for Christmas -- we can only do what we can do. Having fun is more important. xx