December 25, 2010

* Merry Christmas 2010

It's been a long night.  I've been conscious for most of it. Coughing made sure of that.  Habibi lay beside me trembling, refusing to be comforted, as fireworks continued until dawns early light.  I mused about what I could share with you for Christmas Day.  What tidings of great joy I could bring to you which might lift you in some small humble way.

I've spent the night listening to the medieval music of Europe.  I reviewed Christmas celebrations at the Tower of London and a enjoyed great couple of hours in the kitchens of Hampton Court Palace cooking up a Tudor meal as it would have been presented in Henry's court.  Living in London during the late 60's, Hampton Court was of great fascination to me and is one of my favorite palaces. Five hundred years ago, the kitchens of Henry's home consisted of 55 rooms.  I can't imagine how many people he employed.  The roasting kitchens alone used two tons of wood a day to cook meat for meals which fed 1200 people.  Incredible when you think about it, isn't it.  My favorite room in the palace is the Great Hall.  The hammer beam ceiling is magnificent.  In my dreams, I sometimes fly.  Mostly up in the hammer beam ceilings of the Great Hall at Hampton Court.  Oh that could I figure that dream out.  Interesting.  I have always been fascinated by, but never ventured into the maze at Hampton Court which Henry built for Elizabeth.  I was afraid I'd never come out. 

I reviewed the music of the Beatles and John Lennon.  Pondered on where John and George would have been this Christmas had they been allowed to stay.  I spent some time at the Hermitage (The once Russian Royal Family's winter palace).  I thought about their horrendous adventure upon this earth.  I went back to some of the castles in Ireland and roamed in the Scottish Highlands.  I visited Lizzie and Charlie and wondered what it is REALLY like to live that kind of life.  Did you know the Queen decorates her Christmas Tree with diamond studded crowns?  I am a Royalist.  Always have been ever since I could collect photographs and paste them in a scrapbook.  It's my belief they are good for the country.

It's morning now in San Miguel.  The sun is peaking his head over my courtyard walls.  Everything is quiet except for the crowing of roosters which I adore.  The fireworks have ceased.  Habibi is calm.  I'm drinking a cup of tea and reading a page from Julia Cameron's book "Prayers to the Great Creator".  I thought I would like to share it with you.  Finally, this morning, I think I have found that little spark of inspiration which in some small way, may impact your day. 

"Life is sacred.  Life is art.  Life is sacred art."  ~ Gabrielle Roth


When I count and encounter my blessings, I experience a sense of fullness, safety, and satisfaction.  I have enough.  My heart is bountiful.  My life is dowried by rich companions and rewarding experiences.  As I experience the power and goodness of the universe, I experience my own power and goodness.  I experience that I am enough -- more than enough.  I experience flow, increased flow and expanded flow.  Opening to receive this flow, I become larger and more magnificent.  I am part of a grand and glorious design.  A grand and glorious design is part of me.  I celebrate the granduer of this fact with a humble heart.  

And so it is.  And so it shall be.


  1. I enjoy reading your blog.

    Belated Happy Solstice and Merry Christmas.

  2. I'm so happy you are able to come and visit. Thank you, Ms. Tree.