December 15, 2010

* The Roof is Finito!

The terrace roof outside the studio was finished in one day.  The materials arrived yesterday and were stacked neatly in the driveway.

My dream has always been a hand made tile roof.  I wanted one before I knew what they were.  When I first saw one, my heart skipped a beat.  Then I began to travel.  I ooooooed and aaawwed all over the Mediterranean.  When we built our home in Canada, I priced tile roofs .... out of the question there.  Well guess what ..... I HAVE A HAND MADE TILE ROOF.  I'm in love.
My contractor cut the ends of the beams in the old Spanish style.  I adore it.
By noon it was half finished.
Chayo is proud of his work and his workers.
And I have a lovely new terrace roof which shall be enjoyed very much.  I truly feel blessed that I am able to create this house for myself.  

Let the beauty we love be what we do.

Patty!  It's all your fault.  When I read your post called "rewind", I could not resist going back to December 15th of last year and seeing what I had written.  It was a surprise.  If you are interested, take a peek HERE.

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