December 30, 2010

* Sick, Sick, Sick .....

Good Morning world and everyone who is reading my blog.  Did I ever tell you how much I appreciate YOU being here?  Did I ever tell you how supported I feel in this endeavour when you leave a comment?  You are so appreciated.  Every time you check into Flying Solo, you are appreciated.  It keeps me going.  It inspires me.  Thank you.

I can't tell you when I've felt this sick.  Unless of course, it was the last two times I've had bronchitis this year ... ha ha.  Not really ... not even then.  This time is worse.  I was on antibiotics for five days, and am still coughing and hacking.  Deeming perhaps there is something amiss, I called Dr. Sylvia yesterday and she made a house call.  It would seem the antibiotics didn't do much for me, except perhaps take my fever away after four days.  I'm on another round.  Different antibiotics this time.  I coughed ALL NIGHT.  Honestly .. I had an incredibly terrible night.  Habibi will attest to that.

Dr. Sylvia said I should feel some improvement by tonight.  I do hope she is correct.

Despite everything, there were times this week when I was bored to bits.  I surfed the web and came up with a "Vintage Card Swap".  Every person makes three cards with a 'vintage theme', send them in, and I receive three hand made cards in return.  So I emailed and was registered.  I think there are thirty-eight people.  An interesting mix, mostly from the US, but also from the Scotland, The Netherlands, Australia, Germany, and England.  This will be fun.  I got all enthused.  Each day, after my fever abated, I tried to create a little.  It felt good.  I have the first card complete.  Want to see it?

It's not like I have many supplies on hand.  I certainly can't go to a craft shop here and purchase blank envelopes and cards.  I had to get inventive.  The card is made from water colour paper and the envelope made from a brown piece of paper something arrived here in.  Anyway, I had loads of fun creating it.  Perhaps the second one today.

Sometimes I think creativity is magic; it's not a matter of finding and idea, but allowing the idea to find you. ~ Maya Lin


  1. take good care donna, hope you feel better soon, happy you had a craft project to keep you company and move the creative and healing juices... happy new year, may it be the best one yet

  2. Oh dear... not what I was hoping to hear from you. Poor Habibi and poor you!! Not a good way to start the year. :(

    LOVE the card - how fun! I had to make a lot of my own envelopes for Christmas cards because I couldn't find them in the right size. Kind of satisfying to make your own stuff!

    Hope next time I check in with you that it's GOOD NEWS!!!

  3. Your first card for the swap is gorgeous. There wil be three lucky swappers who will receive one of your cards. You don't do anything that doesn't turn out to perfection. I know I have some of your art. Do get better; we don't like hearing you are still sick. Thank goodness the doctor would come to you as the meds were not working. Hopefully, you will feel a big difference in a few days.


  4. Hi Elaine ... Thank you so much for dropping by. "May it be the best one yet." Thank you ... and I wish the same for you and your girls. We have so much control over our lives .. I'm sure it WILL be the best one yet. Happy New Year. I hope you are celebrating tonight .. enjoy!

  5. You are so kind to me, Carolyn! I certainly could say the same about your art. Remember, I have some of yours as well. It's been really good to have this little project - kept my little mind busy. Thanks for coming over ... I wish it was 'for real'