December 16, 2010

* They are SOOOooo Bossy!

"We don't like our new house."  I kept hearing it over and over.  The voices got louder.  Surely I was dreaming ... but wait ... my eyes were open.  I tuned in again.  Sure enough, "We don't like our new house."  I could no longer deny it.  I was hearing voices again.  It was 'them'.  It was the Moonbeam Babies!

"Why on earth could you not wait until morning to discuss this?", I whined.  "It's dark.  It's the middle of the night."

"We know", came the answer in unison.  "We think more clearly at night.  That's the way we are made."

"Ok, so let's discuss it.  What's wrong with the house I bought you?"

"It's too big."

"What?!  I searched and searched to find you a big house so you could stretch out and be comfortable."

"We understand that, and we are grateful.  We operate differently though.  We are moonbeams after all.  Moonbeams stick together.  It take trillions of moonbeams to make the moon so beautiful.  We are always stuck together, touching shoulders.  If we're not together, we're not happy.  We know you want us to be happy."

"How did you manage to get here anyway?  Aren't you supposed to be up there helping the other trillions of moonbeams."

"Well, it's a long story.  We will make it short so you can understand.  We will communicate in earth speak.  That's not easy for us either you know!  Anyway, it was full moon.  La Luna was at her best, in her greatest glory.  It sends us all a little crazy when she gets that beautiful.  Much the same effect the full moon has on earth inhabitants.  We were fooling around .... slipped on a stray ray, and plummeted off into the atmosphere.  Coming through the stratosphere like that nearly did us in.  That's why we were all black and cracked!  Not an easy time of it we can tell you.

"We hung on to each other for dear life.  That's what we do anyway, as we were saying.  We stick together.  Fell into someones back yard.  Nice lady, but very strange.  Scooped us up and listed us on something called ebay.  Described us as 'old primitives'!  Ha!  Little did she know.

"The rest is history.  We called you.  You don't think we popped up on your screen by accident do you?  So that's the story.  Now, back to business.  We don't like our new house!  We want to live in a palace.  We came from a palace and we will not settle for anything less."

"A Palace?  What are you talking about."

"The Universe, Lady D.  It's a palace out there.  It's glorious.  Everything is made of light and gold and silver.  Everything shines.  That was our job.  To shine our lights so you would notice how beautiful the Universe really is.  Much like the Universe wants you to shine your light.  We know you understand that part."

"We want to live in a palace. Oh, and we want some red in it.  We adore red."

And so it was I had to go house hunting once more.  Something a little smaller this time, so they could touch shoulders.  I did find the perfect one.  I helped them into it to see if they like it.  They do.  Renovations began today ... on a palatial scale!

"Moonbeam Manor"  (in the making)

"Beholding the moon rise
  Over the pallid sea and the silvery mist of the meadows:
    Silently one by one, in the infinite meadows of heaven,
      Blossom'd the lovely stars, the forget-me-nots of the angels."

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