January 24, 2011

* The Erosion Bundle, Part II

I'm excited.  Just hung my bundle out in the tree.  It will be an interesting journey over the next three months to see what happens to all the bits and pieces inside.  You may want to pop over HERE and have a peek at the other interesting bundles and 'their people' who are taking part this year.

If you missed the process I went through to pack this bundle, please go HERE to read all about it.  This is soooo much fun.

My little bundle full of art stuff, swinging in the Mexican Sun
"Creative minds are rarely tidy."   -  don't know who wrote it, however it makes me feel a whole lot better!


  1. Your bundle looks great! I've added you to the project. Looking forward to seeing what nature does for you.
    Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the note Kris, and thanks for hosting this project. Major FUN!