January 24, 2011

* The Erosion Bundle Project Part I

I read about the Erosion Bundle Project on The Red Tin, a delightful blog by "Katie" who I've met through the mail art part of my life.  It sounded exciting and I couldn't wait to try it.

Today I put together my bundle.  In January I am to assemble a bundle of art materials, wrap it in whatever I wish, tie it up and expose it anywhere I wish to "Mother Nature" -- in other words the elements.  In April, I take my bundle inside, let it sort itself out, and make some art out of it.  Great project.  I wrapped my bundle today.  Tomorrow, I will ask my workers to hang it it my tree, or perhaps I will simply hang it from the terrace railings .... that way I can get it down when required.

The process was fun.  I decided to wrap it in some brown velvet and some matte.  The matte material is woven here in Mexico and I would say is perhaps the equivalent to muslin in the north.

I chose brown rayon velvet for the outside of the bundle.  I lined it with matte which will overlap and become half the outside of the bundle.

The first layer of 'stuff' includes metal, playing cards, ribbon, tags, vintage lace, an old earring. an old watch, a small crochet item and some ribbon.
Next I added maps, postage stamps ad vintage postcards.

next, a vintage dictionary page, some clothes pins and more metal.
Now, some scraps of material.
Some already rusted wire and a metal circle.
more paper, maps, tags and material.
All wrapped up.  Now, Where to hang it until April?
"The thing that a lot of people cannot comprehend is that Mother Nature does not have a bullet with your name on it, she has millions of bullets inscribed with 'to whom it may concern"

It will be interesting to see what she has in mind for my bundle when I take it down in April.


  1. Talk about interesting bundles! This is superb!!!! It makes me want to do another and thro some more junk in! Thanks for the mention too :0)

  2. Oh my gosh, Donna, you find the most interesting projects! We have art club on Friday and I'm going to suggest that we attempt this type of project. What fun it would be to see what everyone makes from their bundle. Living in Idaho, we should probably put our bundles out in the fall and see what mother winter does to the contents.

    Yours will be fun and interesting. I did check out the link and there were some fabulous bundle creations.


  3. Hi Katie. Thanks for dropping by. I got really excited about this project when I saw it on your blog. Such fun! I wanted to put a tin doll head in and forgot ... I might have to do an 'add on' .. ha ha.

  4. Carolyn .. it would be a great project for an art club -- actually being able to see everyones bundle and the resulting work. I had a great time just putting mine together. Let me know what your club thinks please.

  5. I like the things you put into your bundle, especially the vintage things, maps and keys! I wish you great results!

  6. Hi Silke -- thanks so much for coming over -- I haven't checked the bundles lately - I will be over to see yours. This is so much fun - I can't wait to see what happens.