January 31, 2011

* Getting dressed again .....

Fully dressed!  Isn't that what they say about those wonderful touring bikes when they have every inch of chrome and are shined to the enth degree?  Well ... Quinta de Luz is becoming fully dressed again.  She's looking very pretty I think.  More paint is required ... so I'm off to the paint shop to pick up another gallon.

My workers are down to a crew of two.  Should be enough to finish.  The second coat of pink is on the wall in the studio.
"Long is the road from conception to completion."  

One might say the above about this project.  I must check the start date.  I know it was February, 2010.  


  1. Absolutely stunning colors for your casa. It is beautiful with the black and wrought iron trim.

    I even like the pink in your studio.


  2. Thanks Carolyn. ha ha about the pink -- I was really scared but wanted to try it, and think it's going to be a magical room to be in.