January 27, 2011

* House Update ...

Before I bring you up to date on Quita de Luz, I want to thank Tree who writes "Awake or Asleep" for her kindness in awarding me the Stylish Blog Award.  Tomorrow, I promise I will talk about that and say Thank You properly.  It's lovely of you, Tree.  In the meantime, you can pop over and get acquainted with Tree HERE.

As you are aware, there have been some issues with de Luz, however things are moving slowly but surely forward.  I wanted to post a few photos to bring you up to speed.

The Studio is so close to being finito, I can taste it.  All the doors and windows are in.  The glass is now being installed.  Bathroom is almost complete.  We are waiting for the shower and sink fixtures which are on back order.  Should be in about a week from now.  After that a small bit of tiling around the shower and magic will happen - completo.

Gas has been installed to the fireplace.  An outdoor water outlet for the hose now exists on the terrace.  So what's left?  The remainder of the glass installation.  Electrical throughout the studio.  Terrace and stair railings.  Painting of the studio and outside of the house.  A small portion of the inside of the house needs repainting.  I won't predict timing ... but soon ... very soon.  Here's the latest photos.

Yes, I'm going with the BRIGHT colours!  I was getting cold feet and thinking a pale yellow might be better, when I suddenly got my courage back and thought I'll never know unless I do it.  So ... here goes!  Lime green, orange and pink.  I can always paint over it .... right???
This wall looks out over the mountains and has access to the terrace.
Looking towards the access from the stairway.  The door you see is access to the bathroom.  The indentation in the wall to the left can be made into a closet.
Looking toward the stairway access.  The large window at the end looks out over my driveway and the rooftops. I can't wait to sit at that big six foot table and spread out!   Habibi is inviting me to play.

The bano.  Fixtures and some tiling still to be installed.

As you might remember, I choose a few Day of the Dead, and Frida Khalo tiles.  They are scattered here and there.  Fun.
We are on the way downstairs now to see the newly cleaned driveway.
The huge sand pile, bags of cement, shovels, sifters, bricks, tiles and various bits and pieces were removed today.  The wheelbarrow looks lonely.   A serious cleaning and some paint will make a huge difference.


  1. I miss a couple of days and look what happens -- progress upstairs! Do you realize how wonderful this magnificent studio will be, Donna? I'm in love with your bright colors and got a kick out of the color swatches on the wall. Your tile is to die for -- it's so stunning.

    I also enjoyed your take on using your old earrings. Next week I'll send you an idea that we did at stamp club...bending (cutting off the tops) of old spoons using a blow torch, sanding and pending a short portion over to serve as a hanger. We used old pieces of jewelry to fill the spoons and many of them turned out really pretty. I even used one to tie on a bottle of wine I was giving as a gift that I had decorated in a wine theme. As for corks, do you want me to mail you some? I just tossed out a whole jar full but they seem to accumulate rapidly.

    I can feel a studio celebration on the horizon....I'm so happy for you.


  2. I love the Day of the Dead tiles, ha ha. Very cute. I am very happy to see the progress.

  3. Thanks so much for coming over, Salma. I know how busy you are. Hope you are feeling better. Glad you like my tiles! ;o)

  4. Oh my Donna, this is all so wonderful. I sat over an hour just soaking in all of the pictures and posts of the past month. Phew! I am all relaxed and inspired.
    Love the art, love the books and my, the studio is simply fabulous. Great progress. I cant wait to see the pictures of the opening. I think I will take on the old jewels design work while I am stuck indoors with this incredible winter we are having.
    Enjoy and keep it coming.

  5. Philly! How great to see you here. I do appreciate your coming. I don't know why I am not going to GIST ... no can do at the moment. This past year has been a fabulous one, however, I'm feeling a little stressed at the moment. I wish you could come to the opening too ... I'd love to meet you. I'm having so much fun lately just creating. Soon it will be spring, Philly - the snow will be gone and the flowers will be coming up. Take care of yourself.

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