January 25, 2011

* A little of everything

Just a quick update of a general nature.  The studio is making progress .... very slow, and very sure.  It will happen.  I simply have to dig deep for more patience.  I know it's in there somewhere.  Now, where's it hiding?!  I'll post some photographs in the next couple of days.

Miss Sylvia's house is coming along as well.  A little faster progress over there.  Estimated completion time .... another week or so.  The roof terrace is going to be smashing ... and the view from the open terrace now on the forth level is absolutely spectacular.

I walked over on Saturday night, chicken soup in hand, and we had a lovely evening ... catching up on the progress in each others lives.

I've been doing more mail art.  The first letters went out about three weeks ago, and not one of them has reached it's destination.  Not surprising.  The cards I mailed out long before Christmas took six weeks to two months to arrive.  Good news is, everything has reached where it's supposed to go, even if it took ages.  I'm hopeful all my mail art will arrive in time.

Met Pat today for lunch at Juans.  Have I told you about Juans?  It's where I get my good coffee, one french roast, one decalf.  Juan grinds them and combines them.  It makes for a great cup of strong coffee and I don't fly away on too much cafine.

The food is always good at Juans, the atmosphere amiable, and very casual.  Sun and shade both reach the courtyard so there is a choice.  Great local hang out and good place to meet people.  Today Pat and I got caught up.  She had gone home to the US for Christmas and with me being sick we hadn't seen each other for about six weeks.  Also ran into another friend who joined us for coffee.  Nice day all in all.

Under the umbrellas at Juans.

Playing catchup.

"Friends are the most important ingredient in this recipe of life."


  1. Friends are indeed the most important recipe...
    I'm glad that the renovations are coming along, but I can understand your impatience and excitement as well.

  2. Good news for you and good mail for me! Your amazing envelope of joy arrived today! "wow!" is all I have to say. You're a mail art goddess....and however did you know those tarot cards were on my wish list! really! THANK YOU so much! xoxo

  3. Yes, to the catch-up with friends. I did the same yesterday. Lovely! I'm so intrigued with the "erosion bundles"! (Where do they get these ideas???) Of course over here we can go a good 3 months or much longer without a drop of precipitation, so not sure much would happen to the package.... anyway, I be watching to see what happens with yours! Sooo interesting and I LOVE your mail art!!

  4. It's dry here too Patty. Yesterday, I helped Mother Nature along a little and completely soaked my bundle with the hose. I might do that a couple of times during the three months if we don't get much rain. I'm quite excited. Thanks for coming over. I hope you are OK.