January 26, 2011

* Notes from The Creative Feast

I feel like I'm having a creative feast these days.  Every day I am creating a little something, even if it's organizing my bins to take up to the Studio.

Do you have old earrings?  Earrings you don't like?  Earrings that have passed their time in the world of fashion.  I've been raking my brains as to what to do with them when suddenly I thought of glueing them on to clothespins to make paper clips.  Then, I thought as I was in the process of building a bulletin board out of corks, would it not be fun to have sparkly tacks to hold papers in place.  My bulletin board still has a long way to go ...  I definitely have to pick up the pace in the wine drinking department.  ;o) 

Here's the results of my endeavors.  I think they will be fun and add a little pizazz to my studio.  I'm still going to make a few paper clips as well.

Choose some old earrings and clip the backs off them with wire cutters.
Choose a strong glue.  Add a little to the back of the earring and to the tack.  Press firmly together and let dry overnight.  I chose the equivalent of "No more Nails".  I have issues with glue here.  Not many of them seem to do the job.  This is working.

In one of my mail art swaps, I received a very neat little hand made book or 'zine'.  So simple, I have been making them and sending one in my outgoing mail swaps.  It's made out of one sheet of paper, properly folded, with one cut.  Super simple and so much fun.  Decorate it any way you wish.  This one I am showing you is a miniature one.  Made from a piece of 6" x 6" paper instead of the usual 8 1/2" x 11".   If any of you want the directions, put a note on the comments and I will send them to you.

All from one little piece of paper.  The book is decorated after folding.
"Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love."  ~ Rumi


  1. you are just a creative monster Lady D...but I love it absolutely adore all the art in the air.

    I'm going to copy your earring idea for art with Amira."I made zines first year university...would be nice justt to do it for fun.

    Great stuff, love it.

  2. Zines are so much fun. Almira will have fun playing with old jewelry. You will both have fun.

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