January 17, 2011

* Quiet time with Inspiration

Salma over at Imperfect Stepford Chronicles was asking in her blog if we prayed, meditated or had other rituals.  I was telling her about my morning quiet time and what it entailed.  It always includes some reading from my current inspirational book.  Salma thought it might be fun if I would share some of those books with you ... so here goes.  These are some I have read this year, and a couple I have yet to read.

In the past I have pretty much devoured everything Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Carolyn Myss, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Julia Cameron, Melody Beattie, Sanaya Roman, Echart Tollie, Gary Zukav, Miguel Ruiz, etc. etc. etc. had ever written.  The first book which I considered 'spiritual' was Living with Joy by Sanaya Roman.  I read that book in 1986 and have never looked back.  Over time the reading a book which inspired me in some way has become part of my morning rituals.  A few of years ago, something in me felt like it needed 'more' ... something deeper ... something which would perhaps assist me with deepening into my authentic self.  I found Thomas Moore and Care of the Soul.  I have a couple of books of his I am going to read this year.  Then, a couple of years ago, it changed again, and I wanted to connect with my 'creative spiritual self' ... so I began to choose different books again.

Here are some of the books I have enjoyed very much this year.

Julia Cameron's "Prayers to the Great Creator" is part of my everyday life.  Each morning I simply allow a page to open.  That is my prayer for the day and my inspiration to think about.  I adore this book.
Sorry for the photo.  I snitched if off Amazon - couldn't find my book.  I really like Mike Dooley's writing.  We are on the same page in our thinking and it makes sense to me.  Enjoyed this book from cover to cover.  Putting some of the ideas which suit me into practice.

Another Mike Dooley.  Helped me with some of my more stubborn 'core beliefs' I am working to change.

Not an author I am in love with having read a book or two of hers before.  This one however is about connecting to our creativity.  What we ache for.  Although she's still not a favorite of mine, I did learn from this book.

An interesting read.  Explores the soul through our creativity.  A book I am taking in small bites and savoring it.
An interesting read about calling love into your life.  I chose to make it generic - all kinds of love.  What I learned was to love myself just a little more than I love anyone else.  How to do that.  Still practicing. Also some fabulous approaches to turning challenges into stepping stones to move me forward.  

A delightful book by a young author.  How our thinking is changing.  Wonderful.

Not a book I could ever tackle all at once, I adore picking it up now and then and reading a chapter, a snippit, a couple of pages.  Bob Brezsney is incredibly brilliant.  An off the wall spiritual, inspiring book I adore.

Another book which incorporates all our creative talents in order to build a deeper, fuller, more joyful existence.  Just what I'm working on!

If you are a Carolyn Myss fan, as far as I'm concerned this is one of her best.  It takes you on a journey to the depths and you can clean your castle on the way.  A lot of well worth it work.
On my list to read next.  It's currently sitting together with the next book you will see, waiting to be read.
My other Thomas Moore in waiting.  If you have read "Care of the Soul" and "Dark Nights of the Soul" you will know he writes in depth and it's wonderful.

My current inspiration read.  I'm taking my time and enjoying every word.  Just what I need at the moment.

"A book is a human-powered film projector (complete with feature film) that
advances at a speed fully
customized to the viewer's mood or fancy. This rare harmony between object and user arises from the minimal skills required to manipulate a bound sequence of pages. Each piece of paper embodies a
instant of time which remains frozen until liberated by the
act of turning a page." 
  ~ John Maeda


  1. Ah ha, now I know your secrets, lol.

    This is an amazing variety of books, I cannot wait to look through some of these. Shamefully, I only know Deepak Chopra, from your list...learning & sharing is great isn't it?

    Thanks for sharing this with us Lady D.

  2. Awesome! Some I am familiar with, some not. I also always have at least one good one going, possibly more. Right now I'm reading "Marry Your Muse" which I am loving and planning to use parts of at my retreat. I also like to go back later the re-read the highlighted parts because I forget. So much good stuff out there. Oh - also reading "Broken Open" by Elizabeth Lessor. Can't wait to check some of these out - thanks for sharing!!

  3. Hi Salma ... I don't think it's 'shameful' at all you know only Deepak Chopra. You must explore what speaks to you and you alone. What your soul calls for. xx

  4. Hi Patti, your inspirational selections sound delicious. I will have a look. Thanks for sharing.