January 28, 2011

* The Stylish Blogger Award

Hi Tree over at Asleep or Awake.  I want to thank you for thinking of me when you were pondering who you might bestow this award on.  I am very honoured. 

The mandate for receiving this award is the following:

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave me the award
2. Share seven things about myself
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers
4. Contact these bloggers to tell them of their award


1.   I have so many creative ideas in my head, sometimes I think I'm going to explode.  I have intentions to put some of those ideas to good use this year.  That is .... when this house is complete and I am organized again.

2.  I miss my family.

3.  I have had such an exciting year,  a year of extremes, I must now stop and take a break, rest, renew and when that's done .... rock on!

4.  One of the most exciting, challenging, creative things I have done in my life is to create this house from scratch in a foreign country.

5.  I believe there is a Power larger than we are.  I believe once we set our intentions and act on them, the Universe conspires with us to bring our intention to fruition.

6.  I am proud to be a woman.  Women, in the last thirty years, have evolved to a greater extent and to greater heights than we have in all of history.  We're movin' on up!  We are beginning to love ourselves and know who we are.  We are taking our power back, and using it wisely (well, mostly, anyway).

7.  I am proud of who I am becoming.  It has taken work to get here, and I've loved every minute of it, even the hard bits.  I'm beginning to love myself and recognize my gifts.  I want to shine my little old light back into the world to make other people happy.  I feel very blessed.

I am like you, Tree.  I don't have fifteen blogs to give this award to.  Therefore I choose the following.

1.  Carolyn's Creative Whims.  A very creative lady and beautiful soul,  I have known since 2001.  We have shared all sorts of art and participated in many round robins together.  We have always kept in touch.  I adore Carolyn's blog.  She's always coming up with new and fresh things to experiment with.  The interesting thing about our relationship, is we have never met in person.

2.  Nomadic Notebook.  Another woman, Patty, whom I have never met, however through personal communication, have grown very fond off.  Patty is not only a photographer and a word smith, she has many other creative attributes.  Her latest adventures into creating wonderful retreats are so exciting.  I wish I was closer.

3.  Salma, over at Imperfect Stepford Chronicles  is another interesting, very powerful woman.  Salma is lives in Canada, raising and home schooling a beautiful family, while she works, cooks fabulous meals, is a passionate activist and loves life.  Sometimes I don't know how she deals with everything on her plate.  Her latest blog is mostly visual.  Beautiful photography which says it all.

4.  I have just been introduced to Kati at The Red Tin recently though a mail art group I joined.  Such a talented woman!  Sewing and quilting are her passion, however there is so much more.  You will love her blog.  I do.

5.  Please visit Gerri at It's All Treasure and enjoy her incredible creations.  I find it very inspiring, I'm sure you will as well.

Thanks again Tree.  I hope most of you will have a peek at the above blogs.  I'm sure you will agree with me they are "Stylish" and much much more.

"Stylish" ~
characterized by or conforming to style or the fashionable standard; fashionably elegant; smart or chic: She wore a very stylish gown to the inaugural ball.  She wrote a very stylish blog!


  1. Congrats, you are a stylish blogger! Thanks for thinking of me...

  2. Thank you Lady D...now I can get back on the stylish list with my girls..ha ha.

  3. Thanks so much for this little "shout-out" Donna! I really do appreciate it!! I will check out the other blogs also.

  4. You're very welcome!
    I look forward to checking out the blogs you listed.
    I think this is a good way to create a sense of community.

  5. You're very welcome!
    I look forward to checking out the blogs you listed.
    I think this is a good way to create a sense of community.

  6. I agree, Tree. I have gotten to know some incredible people.

  7. Donna, I too am greatly honored for your nominating me for this award. I wish my blogger friends would accept awards but they do not. It isn't because they wouldn't feel honored but the reason given is lack of time to participate in the way the awards are intended. Thus, I will treasure the award and appreciate the high compliment bestowed upon me. There are probably a few things you don't know about me:

    1) I've been married for 56 years -- same person believe it or not. We have sort of grown up together because we were way too young to get married.

    2) I played the violin along with my sister when we were teenagers and belonged to the Salt Lake Junior Symphony playing in one of the buildings in Temple Square, Salt Lake City. I have one sister and one brother.

    3) As a teenager I loved to roller skate and competed in US sponsored local events and have two metals -- one for figures and one for dance.

    4) I was a career gal and worked until I got injured which forced my early retirement in 1996. My focus was accounting and management. I never gave a wild thought to creating art.

    5) I am partially deaf from the above accident and because of the disability, found art through the internet where I could communicate one on one via the computer. It has been a life saver.

    6) I have met new friends from all over the world, Donna being one of them through my new found art. It started out as scrapbooking, then rubber stamping, collage, mixed media and now an obsession for digital art.

    7) We have three children, one grandchild and our eldest son just got married for the third time -- we hope the third time is the charm and they will be happy and provide us with a second grandchild. So far we haven't been able to convince our family or friends to give us one of theirs.

    I was a tomboy at heart and like to stay active and competitive in everything I attempt.

    THANK YOU DONNA. I truly treasure you!


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