January 2, 2011

* Theme for 2011

2011 lies before me.  A clean slate.  Virginal and untouched.  Ready to be written upon.  Ready for creation. Ready for giving. Ready for receiving. Ready for legends to be written.

My theme for 2011.   "With Intention, On Purpose by Inspired Design".  This will be how I conduct my life.  I will be present, aware and live my life in balance.  Seems to be working so far. I intend to develop and call forth potential and projects which have lain dormant inside me because of fear.  No more!   I will live playfully and with joyful anticipation.  As challenges appear before me, I will use them as stepping stones to catapult myself forward. I will take myself by the hand and step further out of my comfort zone.  I will deepen my spirit and learn to love myself even more.  I will continue to quiet my inner critic.  I will live comfortably with contentment.  I will pay attention to the inspiration and passion inside me and use it for the good of all to create beauty around me.  I will expand my world.  I will live focused on what I am creating.  I will dream, and bring my dreams to fruition.  I will love and be loved.  Above all I will live with joy, and have FUN.

Last year, 2010, I chose a word.  Inspired by Patty over at Nomadic Journal.  The word was AUTHENTICITY.  For the most part I have lived up to that word.  Choosing this word has made me very aware and when in any doubt I choose to be who I am, not who others wish me to be.  It's not always popular.   I have learned so much choosing this word.  I am, in the here and now, more authentic than I have ever been. 

I have plans and ambitions this year.  They are seedlings.  Small green shoots trying to make their way to the light.  It would be so easy for them to be stepped on and killed.  As I nurture these ideas, these new little plants, I will let go of my own fear and allow them to grow, I will keep you posted.  Hopefully, there will be much to nurture.  I simply have to let go of the fear to move forward.  Wish me luck.

Last night there were more fireworks.  The loudest bangs were next door.  These are not fireworks which produce wonderful explosions of light ... these are fireworks that sound like cannons are being fired.  Habibi was a wreck even though I prepared him during the day with Doggy Calm.  In my desperation, and while enjoying a little Baileys on ice myself, I had an brilliant idea.  How about a New Year's drink, Habibi?  He looked interested.  I poured a very small amount over an ice cube and offered it to him in this own glass.  He lapped it up and looked for more.  "You're a lush.", I whispered in his ear.  In less than ten minutes he was flaked out beside me.  Calm, cool, collected with a smile of his face from his new experience.  We both had a good nights sleep.

This morning I decorated the envelope in which the Vintage Swap will be sent.  It was fun.  Here's a photo.

“It was a high counsel that I once heard given to a young person, “Always do what you are afraid to do.”~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
I'm going to give it a shot!


  1. Donna,
    I realize how much I have lost from not visiting you for such a long time. I lost my mind. This is a new day, a new year and I thank you for always keeping me in your presence. This post, "With Intention on Purpose..." is such a powerful theme. Like you its bold, fearless and wonderful. You are such an inspiration and friend. I wish you all the strength, motivation and inspiration with the wisdom, grace and peace to live each day filled with achievement of purpose by design.
    Happy, healthy 2011 my friend.

  2. Hi Philly ... so wonderful to hear from you. I hope you are well now and ready to move forward again. Write me a note if you are so inclined. I have thought of you much throughout the last six months. Take gentle care of yourself. email is
    "dorothydonnaparker@gmail.com". May 2011 be good to you in every way you require. hugs, Donna

  3. Donna, I realized in reading this and how I played a role in your word of last year that we now have a history! Even though we have never laid eyes on each other, we have probably shared more than many lifetime friends who engage in a lot of shallow small-talk. This has so opened up a whole new world for me and you are a big part of that. You are always there for me with encouraging and insightful comments. I do appreciate it so very very much and look forward with open arms to the wonders of 2011. Love your thoughts here and intentions - totally inspiring!!! I hope to share mine later today.
    Hope you are feeling better. I'm pretty sure I left a comment while you were sick, but I didn't see it posted. Oh, and hoping that Habibi is not suffering from a hangover!! Cheers!! (got me some Baileys for Christmas!)

  4. Happy New Year, Patty. Yes, you certainly did play a role for me last year, in so many ways. The 'word' was the beginning, after that I agree we have been there for each other and I have grown so very fond of you. There was a comment which didn't get published .. found it on my moderation page. Now published. Thank you so much. I am feeling much better today. Habibi did not have a hang over, and I'm sure secretly is looking forward to the next round of fireworkS! Thanks for always being here for me, Patty. You are an inspiration.