February 6, 2011

A day at the Artisans Fair

Another exquisite day in San Miguel.  The sun was warm and the wind quiet. 

The Artisans Fair took place at Instituto Allende this weekend.  Kathleen and I spent a wonderful afternoon wandering, looking, chatting with vendors and friends, lunching on lovely Mexican appetizers, enjoying one of our favorite views of San Miguel while listening to music of the country. A very enjoyable day indeed.  Some photos follow.

Our first stop was at Sophies table.  Sophie is famous for her paper mache figures, especially her roosters.  They are incredible.  I have been wanting one of her women with wings, which is what I'm holding in my hands.  She has not told me her name as yet, she's still a little shy.  I'm sure in a few days we will be well acquainted.
Kathleen became acquainted with Sophie several years ago when she and Ivan adopted the most fabulous rooster who now lives with them in Chicago.
Peering  into one of the rooms where incense was burning, I photographed this.  Interestingly, the shape looks figure like.
Kathleen was teasing the senor that he chose the best place to sell hats, because it was in the sun.  You looked great in that hat, Kathleen!  Very sexy.

This hat out of some sort of pop can.  Cute, Kathleen.
I thought this woman looked so fabulous we asked if she would have her photo taken.  She happily obliged by striking this pose.  Had a lovely chat.  I think of her as Our Lady of San Miguel.
One of my favorite views in all San Miguel.  How can you not be in love with this.
After lunch - friends. 

The first woman you see in the photo is Lena Bartula.  She has organized a grass roots operation known as MARISPOSAS SAN MIGUEL.  The theme of the program is butterflies which symbolizes transformation and Leena's program wages peace through education to eliminate violence in the community.  The work being hand crafted by this group of women in the campos is world class art, dual purposed to be functional.  Bags, aprons, cushions, wall art, are among the pieces being hand crafted.  If you have a chance, seek them out.  The colours and designs alone are enough to put a smile on your face.  Kathleen and I both walked away with our bags full of goodies we couldn't resist. Hand emroidered on many of the pieces is "Imagine the world without violence."  Such a worthwhile vision to support.  The cushions I purchased for my Studio are absolutely delightful.  I will post them tomorrow. The beautiful Mexican woman standing by me is Angelena, the artisan who crafted my cushions.

“First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.” ~ Napoleon Hill


  1. Have I tolkd you lately how lovely you look Lady D? I'm glad that nasty cold is behind you and you are bright and rosy again.

    San Miguel looks lovely. The fair looks so lively. It must have been nice to share the week-end with friends.

    Kudos to the ladies for their efforts to promote peace...it takes lots of guts to speak out against violence.

    *Love the room with the incense (beautiful shot)

  2. Oh thank you Salma. I needed that. Yes, I agree about your views on promoting non violence. It's a really good company to support. A portion of the money made goes back to the women so they can become more independent which is wonderful. I'm all for it and they make such great art!