February 12, 2011

* It Happened Last Night

It was delightful to watch.  No. 44 and 3/8's together again for the first time in nearly a year.  Clothed in his new outfit, designed especially for his first trip to Mexico, No. 44 proudly wore his new sarape and straw hat.  It was indeed a delight to see them together again.

No. 44 and 3/8's reunited in San Miguel.
The day was enjoyed by the entire family.  Shopping, a little tour of some of San Miguel, and then back to Quinta de Luz for a 'slow' dinner of fresh guacamole, stir fry with huge prawns, absolutely immoral brownies with crema, and fresh melon.  

It was noted that 3/8s shed a couple of tears when 44 left for the evening.  

Friends are the sunshine of life.
John Hay


  1. Lovely, i remember No. 3/8...very cute. I need a little background on No.44.

    Is that chocolate brownie I see...? Looks yum.

  2. No. 44 is 3/8's dear friend. Ivan and Kathleen are 44's parents. They found 3/8's (when Serta in Mexico would not give me one when I bought a bed) and sent her to live with me. Now No. 44 has come to visit ... his first trip to Mexico! Thanks for dropping by this 'crazy' blog, Salma. :o)